Friday, October 22, 2010

It’s the Hair

So back in March… Reid and SB on a nice March afternoon.  Reid's fuzzy hair blowing in the wind... …before Reid had his first haircut… First haircut!  Right before his 1st birthday! March 2010 …we often called him “Danny DaVito” because, well, his hair was a wreck.Reid - March 2010 Since then, he’s been our clean cut little guy!  Well, kinda.Reid - Sept. 2010 You know his fascinations with “cool guys” (otherwise known as sunglasses)?Reid - Oct. 2010Well, he lost those.  So his new favorites are ones with no lenses.  And even though he recently had a haircut, his wild hair sometimes won’t be contained.

See any resemblance?!

Baby Danny Davito! Oct. 2010  The other Danny DaVito.

Baby Danny DaVito is back!!

If Danny needs someone to play him as a child, I expect my phone to ring!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reid is 18-months!

Okay, I’m late on posting his stats so we’ll rewind and share the big boy’s numbers from his pediatrician appt two weeks ago.Reid, October 2010

  • Weight:  26 lbs 13.5 oz (66 percentile)
  • Height:  33.5 inches (86 percentile)
  • I was just looking back at pictures and a year ago today, Reid was a little less mobileNow he’s a whirlwind!  Here are some quick nuggets about our little Reid at this fun age!

    He talks all the time.  All. The. Time. Our friends Sarah & Rodney just told us last night that Reid a parrot!  He repeats everything you say and remembers what you think is funny so he can say it again!  (I need to get Dada to load some videos of our chatterbox.)

    We finished our fourth sign-language class a couple weeks ago. He now has more than 75 signs to tell you what he wants, what he sees, and to ask nicely for some milk or snack. Reid is signing "monkey!" He likes playing hide-and-seek and asking, “Where Baby Reid go?” and “Where Dada go?” and “Where da ball go?”IMG_0735

    He talks about the potty a lot, and we are reading a lot about the potty, but the only successes have had more to do with timing on our part, than anything else.

    He’s in a Mother’s Day Out program 2 mornings a week and LOVES it!  He’s got little buddies in the class, he talks about the teachers all the time, and he takes great naps on the two days he goes! Reid, Sept 2010 He loves airplanes, trains, talking, riding on Dada’s bicycle, running, swimming, being outside, giving huggles, going in “Momma car” . . . the list goes on and on.  He’s a happy, fun little dude.