Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hope for Healing

This past week has been difficult for many people in my extended family.  In several unrelated events, this week has brought tears of pain – both physical and emotional – to people and families that I love.  I won’t share the stories here; they aren’t my stories to tell.  But I will share hopes for healing for the people I love, and the people who take care of them.

I hope my mom recovers from pneumonia quickly, and that she gives her body time to recover.

I hope my cousin heals from his injuries and his doctors put him on the road to recovery.

I hope my Gramma’s time in the hospital is filled with people she loves so she can fully recuperate. 

And, I hope for healing and closure to a very painful and sad “goodbye.”

Throughout this painful week, I’ve looked at Reid and thought about what it would be like for him to be sick, or hurt, or depressed, or anything but my happy little baby.  As selfish as that probably is, I think that is what happens when terrible things happen around us.  We look in the eyes of people we love and search for answers.  Many times, there aren’t answers.  We just have to look for the good, look for the love, accept what we cannot change, and keep going.

It hurts my heart that people I love are hurting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Okay, I know that is a cliché, but all new parents (and grandparents!) know what I mean.  Every day passes so quickly that we treasure the photos of our little guy and remind us how quickly he’s growing and changing before our eyes!

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a long time now, but I never knew where to begin.  Then yesterday, Reid and I had lunch with my great friend Beverly and I knew this would be a great place to start!Reid & Bev enjoy a nice warm lunch on a rainy day in Austin, 2-8-10Most people who follow our family blog know Beverly because she’s been in my life for more than 14 years. (I can’t believe it!) We’ve been together through some of the best parts of our adult lives, including standing up for each other at each of our weddings in 2005, the same year she started her professional photography business.

Before Bev & David's wedding, Oct. 1, 2005  Before our wedding, Nov. 5, 2005

Fast-forward a few years and she was with us to document the big belly.Daddy has big hopes for the big belly She and David were some of the first to meet Baby Reid.  Reid woke up to greet Beverly! :) 4-4-09This pic from Bev is *one of* my favorite pics from Reid's first few week. It already shows his great, happy personality!!Bev took the photos for his birth announcement when he was six weeks old.

Over the summer she took photos of my dear friend Elizabeth and her family, and snapped a few of the Remingtons, too.

Before the holidays, Bev was kind enough to take some pictures of our family for our holiday card, and also to document this special time in our family.  Here are *just a few* of my favorites (that weren’t on the holiday card)!Bev's photo - Reid, 12-13-09Bev's photo - family, 12-13-09Bev's photo - family, 12-13-09Bev's photo - Daddy & Reid, 12-13-09121309-021Bev's photo - Reid, 12-13-09Bev's photo - Curious Reid, 12-13-09We feel very lucky to have such a loving friend in our lives.  And the fact that she blesses us with such wonderful documentation of our family, is truly one of the greatest gifts! This is probably my favorite photo of Reid from the entire day!  :) Bev's photo - Reid, 12-13-09 We love you Bevnana!

Friday, February 5, 2010


This made me laugh out loud!The only thing I thought about when I grabbed the milk was that the cart was full, and since Reid was wearing a coat, he won’t get too chilly in the time it takes for me to walk to the checkout.  I should have guessed…My boy likes milk.

Oh the irony!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Good Book

Tonight, when Jer was reading Go, Dog. Go!  to Baby Reid, it reminded me of a scene from a couple years ago with a different baby. Jer reading to Avery in the winter of 2008. (not sure of the date!!)Do you recognize her?  Avery Jane loves to read books and Uncle Jer always obliges.  :)

And this was the scene at our house tonight:Daddy & Reid during bedtime stories, 2-3-10The personal message inside Reid’s book reads, 

Baby Remington,

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do. There are a lot of silly hats and even more Rah-Rah’s!

I love you,


For those unfamiliar with Avery-isms, “Rah-Rah” was the name she gave to her dog Maverick, and all dogs, I suppose.

Enough blogging for tonight!  It sounds like Daddy has read 10+ books and Reid is ready for his final meal and then bedtime.  Goodnight!

It’s Time…

…to baby-proof!Reid is helping Momma sort the Tupperware cabinet.  "Now where is that lid...?"He has figured out how to open the cabinet doors and climb in. 

He regularly crawls around the baby wall to get to the stairs.  Of course, he always stops and turns around because he knows we’ll be right there to grab him.

And today, he launched one of his favorite toys over the balcony from our loft.

Casa Remington will be Fort Knox in no time!! ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Learn Something New About Reid Every Day…

While at a friend’s house, we learned new things about Reid we thought we’d share…

If he’s thirsty, he’ll just go ahead and help himself.Yup. This is a bucket of beer. 1-23-10He prefers having a front-row seat for concerts.Chris P playing for Reid (and everyone else) 1-23-10 When it’s time for bed – even if the party is still going – he’s happy to sack out in Momma’s arms.Sweet Baby Reid in Momma's arms, 1-23-10

Monday, February 1, 2010

Reid + Friends

We are really lucky to have so many friends with babies close to the same age as Mr. Meatball.  Check out some new faces and see how much others have grown!Ava, Reid, Cabo, Raquel & Savanah

Raquel + Reid.  They are really close in age (just over a month) and they play really well together!  (Reid met Raquel when she was four days old!  They’ve grown so much!! :")Raquel & Reid, 1-15-10Raquel & Reid climbing on the furniture, 1-15-10Mommas & Babies! Me & Reid and Amie & Raquel, 1-23-10

Cabo + Reid.  These little buddies hadn’t seen each other in a long time -- since football season and Halloween, to be exact. It was nice to get the guys together and let them play! Reid & Cabo, 1-23-10Serious playing between Reid & Cabo, 1-23-10

Ava + Reid.  These two have been friends since they were one month old!  They’ve done playdates, joined in on double-dates with Mom & Dad,  crashed our Project Runway watching parties… Ava & Reid - 7 months, 10-21-09 …and now, whatever toy one of them has, the other wants.  This will be interesting, people.  Reid doesn’t know what he’s in for! ;)Ava is schooling Reid on "what's mine is mine."  Luckily, he's a lover (not a fighter) and adores Ava (and her toys)!

Ana & Javi + Reid.  I met Kim through her sister (and my good friend) Erin, and we’ve become even closer over the past year.  We live near each other, and now that we have babies just a few months apart, we take the opportunity to get together whenever we can! The twins are enjoying their nap as Reid talks us out of going on a walk.  (It started raining right as we bundled up the babies and headed out side!!) 1-13-10Happy Momma Kim with Ana & Javi.  Who knew that SB was checking out Ana so closely! 1-28-10

Hudson + Reid.  Melissa and Hudson spent the day with Reid and I – we had a great time!  We played with the babies, met Jer and Darin for lunch, and had a nice dinner out.  It was a great day and I hope we do it again soon!  Reid & Hudson, 1-20-10Reid & Hudson, 1-20-10 

Sophia & Jacob + Reid.  Reid met the Foyt twins back in May. Since I never posted this one, check out this photo of them in back in October (when they were seven months old). CUTE!Jacob, Sophia & Reid in PJs at a dinner party, 10-22-09And now here they are at 10 months old!  Do you think we need to have a talk with Reid about keeping his hands to himself?!Sophia & Reid, 1-21-10Jacob & Reid, 1-21-10Jacob, Reid & Sophia taking a break from playing to pose for the camera, 1-29-10 

Wyatt + Reid.  Reid’s buddy Wyatt is an awesome little dude.  (Check out this photo of them from June to see how much they’ve grown!) I recently watched Wyatt while his Momma went to Big Belly Yoga

I took the boys for a walk…(double stroller – YIKES!)… Reid & Wyatt, 1-23-10 …to the park for a swing… Reid & Wyatt, 1-23-10…and they both zonked out before we got home.  Good boys!! Sleepy Reid & Wyatt, 1-23-10

Holy Cow.  That’s a lot of babies.