Monday, March 30, 2009

Introducing: Reid Allaire Remington

Please join us in welcoming Reid into the world!

  • Full Name: Reid Allaire Remington
  • Born March 28, 2009 at 11:40am
  • Weighing 8 lbs and 12 oz, Measuring 19 inches
  • Reid is a cute chubby little guy with almost a full head of black hair
  • After a bit of a wild ride, Jenny and baby are doing great.
  • Please stay tuned for future for updates, photos, etc.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Cousins for Baby Remington

We told you last month that Baby Remington has two baby cousins on the way!  The Kubaney's will add another little boy to their crew in August.  We can't wait for our next trip to Cleveland to introduce Will, Jack and Sam to Baby Remington, and to rub Holly's belly!  :)

This week Stephanie, James and Avery found out they are having another GIRL!!  Avery is going to be a big sister!!   I'm so excited for Avery because I know how special it is to be a big sister! 

And finally, Chris and Karon told us last week that they are expecting their second baby!  We won't know if their little one is "pink or blue" until he or she arrives in late October.  (Any bets?!)  Congratulations to Chris and Karon! 

This is an exciting year for our families!  Baby Remington is going to have lots of cousins to play with!  He’s already a very lucky little guy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yup! Still Waiting…

We are still a few days from our due date and are getting excited about Baby Remington’s arrival.  Thanks to everyone for checking in and wishing us well on this last stretch before he arrives! 

We’ll let you know when he get’s here!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Things That Go Bump

Now that the baby is about the size of a watermelon – God help me – I was looking back at photos of my growing bump.

At the risk of being self-indulgent, here are some photos of us from the last 40 or so weeks.

Here’s the last picture of us (we think!) before the baby countdown began.

Early July, 2008Week 14 – at the Grand Canyon.  We took a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon while we were there for G and Mariana’s wedding.

While you may be noticing the fantastic view, I notice that I'm starting to look thick around the middle. :) Week 25 – at home before a Christmas party.

We haven't had a Christmas tree in years! :)  Notice how Sadie wants in the picture?

Week 26 – in Cleveland at our baby shower.

Week 27 – in Cleveland with the family.

Holly, Jeff, Bob, Dana, Me and Jer Week 33 – in Austin with Holly & Jeff.

Jer, Me, Holly & Jeff Week 35 – in Austin at Lake Travis (again).

Jer, Me, my belly and a smoke signal. Week 36 – in Austin before the baby shower.Me, Annabelle and Mom

And finally, my dear and talented friend Beverly took a few photos of us very recently to help us document this special time.

This belly has been a cozy home for Baby Remington, but now he better start packing his bags.  It’s about time for him to move out! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Showered with Love, Creativity and Friendship

We had a wonderful baby shower at our house a couple weeks ago, hosted by my sister Stephanie, Mom, and good friends Kellie, Susan and Stacey. Susan Watson, me, Kellie Martini, Stacey Bossert, Stephanie Flores (sister), Betsy Allaire (mom)It was fun and creative, and the house was FULL of women that I love.  They came from McKinney, North Richland Hills, Hurst, Mansfield, Houston and even South Austin! :) They spoiled Baby Remington and his Momma rotten!

The ladies from my family made the trek down from DFW.It was hard to get one where everyone was looking and smiling! From left: Annabelle, Karon, Mom, Marianne, Madi, me, Aunt Bobbi, Stephanie, Avery, Bo, Katrena

One of my girlfriends from high school, Amanda, came down with her two kids, Caden and Brady.Me, Caden (4), Amanda, Brady (11 weeks) The food was fantastic -- Kellie and Susan out-did themselves! And Stacey had the cake match the baby's room! It was so good and so cute! Stephanie made a not-your-traditional diaper cake in the theme of sushi. It is so cute!

Here's the cake and the "sushi cake" :) We didn't do any games (thank goodness! ;) but there were some fun crafty projects that people worked on for the baby, like decorating onesies for him, and writing messages to Jer and me for a scrapbook that Kellie made.

These are so fun! You guys are so creative! Many people brought books for the baby, signed with messages to him. Jer and I have read all the messages from our loving friends and cannot wait to share them with our little guy.

On their way home, everyone was invited to take a little treat: a newborn diaper decorated and filled with cookies, courtesy of Stacey. The message on the tag suggests that people follow our growing family here on this blog. Such a wonderful touch!

So cute and such a thoughtful touch! We are so very blessed. THANK YOU ALL!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What NOT to Say to a Preggo

For some reason, as a woman gets bigger with pregnancy, one of the most common topics of conversation is her size, and how big she’ll get.  At no other time in a woman’s life would her belly, boobs or shoe size be anyone else’s business to discuss.  Well, not to her face, anyway.

So, while I’m notorious for saying just the wrong thing myself, I thought I’d share a few gems with you that I’ve heard in the last, oh 30-something weeks…

“Whoa!  You’re gianormous!”  (Note:  This was said to me at 29 weeks.  I won’t tell you what my first thought was – this is a PG rated blog, after all.  My second thought was, “If I’m gianormous now, how GIGANTIC will I be at 40 weeks?!”  My third thought was, “Am I really big enough that you had to make up a word?  I mean, couldn’t ‘giant’ or ‘enormous’ be good enough?!”)

“Can I touch your boobs?”  (In case there is any doubt, this was NOT Jeremy, and, I said “no.”)

“How much weight have you gained?”  (For some reason, I answered this question.  Now that I’m in my 36th week, I consider that privileged information.)

And while I’m at it, I said something to a preggo that I will NEVER forgive myself for saying. On Halloween, a cute little mom and her two daughters were at our front door.  The mom had an adorable round belly under her tank top.  (Do you see where this is going?!)  We chatted for a minute about kids and pregnancy and I asked when she was due.  She looked at me in horror and said that her husband was in my driveway holding her 6 month-old son. “Do I still look pregnant?!” 


I felt like a total shit.  See?!  It can happen to anyone!!  :(

Share your own cringe-worthy comments here.  I promise, you’ll feel better.  I do.  :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hofer Family Visits Austin

As I mentioned, we have had many visitors in the month of February – which has been so much fun!  A few weekends ago we had our good friends George, Mariana and Michele come in from Houston for a visit!

It seemed that our weekend revolved around eating, hanging out, more eating, and crossing a few things off our baby-to-do list.  Mmm...Salt Lick... Michele, Jenny, Jer, G and MarianaThis was Mariana's first trip to the Salt Lick!

And to make sure we are “keeping Austin weird,” we visited the Cathedral of Junk.

Cathedral of Junk signG, Mariana, Jer, John, Jenny & Michele at the Cathedral of Junk.Can you believe this place?! Michele climbed up to the "second story" to snap this photo of me. Jer atop one of the peaks of junk

They even came with us to help us pick out a chair for our nursery!  As a very special treat, they got us a jogging stroller for Baby Remington – WOW!  I can’t wait to walk the baby in it! :-)  Thanks G, Mariana and Michele!

As a side note, Mariana is now a legal resident of the U.S.  Yay! Congratulations, Mariana!

What better way to celebrate being a legal resident than in a big pile of junk!?!