Monday, March 23, 2009

Things That Go Bump

Now that the baby is about the size of a watermelon – God help me – I was looking back at photos of my growing bump.

At the risk of being self-indulgent, here are some photos of us from the last 40 or so weeks.

Here’s the last picture of us (we think!) before the baby countdown began.

Early July, 2008Week 14 – at the Grand Canyon.  We took a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon while we were there for G and Mariana’s wedding.

While you may be noticing the fantastic view, I notice that I'm starting to look thick around the middle. :) Week 25 – at home before a Christmas party.

We haven't had a Christmas tree in years! :)  Notice how Sadie wants in the picture?

Week 26 – in Cleveland at our baby shower.

Week 27 – in Cleveland with the family.

Holly, Jeff, Bob, Dana, Me and Jer Week 33 – in Austin with Holly & Jeff.

Jer, Me, Holly & Jeff Week 35 – in Austin at Lake Travis (again).

Jer, Me, my belly and a smoke signal. Week 36 – in Austin before the baby shower.Me, Annabelle and Mom

And finally, my dear and talented friend Beverly took a few photos of us very recently to help us document this special time.

This belly has been a cozy home for Baby Remington, but now he better start packing his bags.  It’s about time for him to move out! :)

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