Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Saturday for Reid!

We had a big Saturday yesterday! Jenny went out to run some long overdue errands, and since Reid is not quite ready to help me with the yard work, we decided to hang out in the morning and watch some of the new 2009 AMA Motocross season that we had recorded on the old DVR.

Reid had a round of vaccinations on Thursday morning and was not quite feeling himself on Friday and even on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, though, he was acting much more like himself, so we decided to head on over to the Martini’s for the evening to grill and hang out.

Before heading out, Reid spent some quality play time on his “jungle mat”. For the first time, he was clearly reaching out and grabbing objects that he wanted rather than just wiggling about!IMG_6640 We had a wonderful dinner with Kellie, Dave, and Sara, who was in from Dallas visiting for the weekend with her little girl, Kate. Kate  seemed to really like Ethan’s motorcycle. Reid cannot wait to get his little butt-cheeks on Ethan’s sweet ride.IMG_6645 Kellie managed a squeeze or two in between all the cooking.IMG_6657Dave and Ethan also managed to get some good snuggles with Reid. At times, everyone even snuggled him all at once!IMG_6663IMG_6676Towards the end of the evening, Sara rocked Reid to sleep. She did such a good job that he managed to sleep from about 9pm. He slept through the car ride home, getting him out of the car, upstairs and into his cribby, and then he managed to sleep straight through the whole night until 6am this morning. That is officially Reid’s first night sleeping all the way through, and hopefully the start of something new!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eight Week Stats

Reid’s two month check-up was today.  Here is Reid at the dr's office.  He's long and starting to get more and more "meaty." :) 5-28-09He’s grown a lot since his last check-up!  Here are his stats:

  • Weight:  13lbs 1 oz (82 percentile)
  • Height: 25 in  (97 percentile)
  • Latest milestones:  sleeping for 7 hour stretches in the evenings, happily kicking and playing when on his back or tummy, coos and other happy sounds, reacting to us with big open-mouth smiles, and moving up to the next size diapers!

    The family waiting on the dr to arrive, 5-28-09

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    New Friends: the Foyt Twins

    Our friends Nate and Vicky had twins eleven days before we had Reid.  Sophia and Jacob are adorable!  Reid and I went to visit and spend the afternoon with them one day last week, after yoga class.

    Vicky is a rock-star momma and even though newborn twins are a ton of work, she’s clearly loving it!  Her day is filled with twice the diapers, twice the feedings, and as she told me, “twice the smiles.”  :-)Reid with Sophia & Jacob Foyt doing "tummy time"  5-21-09 Don’t tell Jacob, but I think Reid and Sophia were trying to hold hands!Reid with Sophia & Jacob Foyt, 5-21-09

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Bath Time

    Reid seems to really love baths!  We haven’t been able to take photos at bath time in a long time because it takes four hands to wash our squirmy, slippery baby!  (In fact, this was the last photo at bath time from his second week.) So while the Flores family here visiting, we had Aunt Stephanie take some pictures of Baby Reid enjoying a tubby.Reid, 5-23-09 In the bath, he opens his big eyes wide and sits very calm. Bath time, 5-23-09Bath time, 5-23-09 And after baths, we love to wrap him in a towel and talk with him.Reid, 5-23-09Daddy, Momma & Reid enjoying the post-tubby time, 5-23-09

    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    Family-filled Holiday Weekend!

    On Friday, my mom came down to spend the day with me and Reid.Grandma & Reid, 5-22-09Later that night, the Flores family came down and stayed through Sunday.  We haven’t seen them since we were in the hospital and were so excited to have them here!  We sure did miss them!  Baby Reid & Avery, 5-23-09 Aunt Stephanie, Avery & Reid, 5-24-09 Avery likes to tickle Baby Reid's feet! 5-23-09 Jenny & Avery at the park, 5-23-09 Uncle James & Reid, 5-22-09 Uncle James, Aunt Stephanie & Reid, 5-24-09

    It was a great weekend!! 

    My cousin Marianne is coming for a visit next… We can’t wait for her to meet Reid!

    “How is Sadie Belle?”

    We’ve had lots of friends and family ask us how Sadie Belle is adjusting to the baby.

    Sadie Belle sits in this window and "hunts" squirrles in our backyard.  This photo was taken by our talented friend and dog-lover Beverly.She doesn’t like to hear him cry, and will come get me if I’m in the other room, even if Jer has it under control!  I think she blames me for this new person invading her once-happy, peaceful home.

    One day when we first got home with Reid and he was crying up a storm, she came and licked my leg when Jer was trying to console him in the other room.  I imagined her trying to tell us to, “DO SOMETHING!!  MAKE IT STOP!!”

    She’s protective, and often sleeps near his bassinette.Sadie and Baby Reid, 4-5-09She’s really curious about him…Sadie Belle & Reid, 4-7-09…or maybe she just is realizing that he gets the majority of the attention, and she better stick close.Sadie & Reid, 5-3-09Daddy, Reid and Sadie Belle, Easter 2009And even though she’s going on more walks than she did in the last month of my pregnancy, and we are trying to give her as much attention as possible…Sadie Belle is ready for her walk!  5-16-09…we think she’s feeling a little left out!Sadie Belle & Reid, 4-7-09 So if you come to visit, she’ll probably ask you for some love and attention.  :-)Sadie Belle, 4-4-09 We think Reid and Sadie will be great playmates someday.  She is a great dog and we imagine he’ll love her as much as we do!

    Friday, May 22, 2009

    My Little Yogi

    Reid, the little yogi, 5-21-09Reid’s Aunt Stephanie made him this cute little onesie.  So I though he should wear it to our second baby yoga class.   Reid in yoga class, 5-21-09He’s such a happy little baby!

    The local NPR station KUT came to record the sounds of a baby yoga class.  It was noisy!  So when our Austin friends hear that segment on KUT, you can know that Reid is in the chorus! :)

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Get to Know Reid @ Seven Weeks

    I have always heard about how babies change so much,  and I can say that our little guy is changing every week!  It seems like he is discovering more every day, and charming us with even bigger smiles.  The pictures show you how cute he is, but here’s a glimpse at the personality of Baby Reid.Reid is checking out Daddy and giving him a smile!  5-15-09 Likes:   being outside and looking at the trees; walks in the jogging stroller; being on his “jungle mat" and playing with all the dangling toys; his swing; bath time; being rocked to sleep; burping; and ceiling fans.

    Reid and Sadie Belle are ready for a walk!Reid on the Dislikes:  being hungry; being cold; messy diapers; and being swaddled when he thinks it is not time for sleeping. 

    Nicknames (and who calls him what): Mr. Wiggles (Jenny), The Fat Man (Jer), Little Buddy (Jer)

    Sleep habitshe is finally starting to sleep for longer stretches.  Last night he slept for seven hours straight!  (Let’s hope this is the start of something….knocking on wood…)  He is also sleeping in his crib now, rather than in the bassinette in our room.  I didn’t expect him to “graduate” so soon, but he seems to be sleeping much better.

    Eating habits:  he is still a champion eater!  Jer gives him a bottle a few times a week to give me a break and to spend quality time with Reid.

    Lessons learned:  Let Reid “ask” for a diaper change.  Otherwise, he’s likely to poo on the changing table.  And then again… Heard enough yet?!

    Bragging rights:   He is really observant and holds his head up well.  He also has the biggest, best smile in the world.  Seriously. It’s the best.  Come and visit him and he’ll show off his best features!Smiley Mr. Reid

    Reid in a word (or maybe a couple words…):  Observant.  Happy. 

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009


    Reid is cuddled in my arms with his lion.  This was the first thing I bought for him when I found out I was pregnant. My neice Avery loves hers and calls it "Boo."We don’t want to jinx it, but Reid has been a VERY good sleeper this past week.  He’s been going down between 9 p.m. and midnight and sleeping for five to seven hours.  YAY!  Now if only we’d learn to go to bed when he does, we’d be in good shape.  Let’s hope this continues!! 

    We also figured out that he sleeps much better in his own room rather than in the bassinette in our room.  We have a lot of light in the morning, not to mention that with the whole family snoozing in one room, we were all waking each other up!

    Here are some pics of sleepy Reid…

    In his crib…Yay for sleeping in his cribby! In the bassinette downstairs…This blanket is from Donna & Cotton and Aunt Pat & Uncle Don.  So nice!On the blanket that Grandma made him…This pic was taken during Grandma & Grandpa's visit on May 3.Is there anything better than a sleeping baby?! 

    Sweet dreams, Little Man!

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    Off-Roading with Reid

    I think Reid will eventually make a great little riding partner. He’s not quite ready for his first dirt bike, but I’m pretty sure a Yamaha PW50 will eventually be his first set of gas-powered wheels.

    09MS_PW50_blu_S1_bdd98e11You’ve got to start somewhere. Luckily our wonderful friends The Hofers hooked us up with a lean and mean jogging stroller that comes equipped with some large tires and a nice set of shocks.

    Until he’s ready for the next step, I think this stroller is going to be Reid’s off-road weapon of choice. A couple of weeks ago we took Reid out to one of our favorite local parks: St. Edwards Park. This place has varied terrain, lots of trees, rocks, and some great trails that are great for hiking and trail running. I’ve used this park to train for many of my backpacking excursions. One of the best things about St. Edwards Park is that it is only a few miles from our house, tucked right into the edge of the wonderful Texas Hill Country.

    Momma & Reid, 5-2-09Daddy & Reid, 5-2-09

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    First Baby Yoga Class

    Yesterday I took Reid to a postnatal yoga class for the first time.  It was really nice to see some of the Mommas that I took big belly classes with throughout my pregnancy, and to see their babies!

    As usual, Reid was quiet and observant, then he was ready for a nap.  :-)

    I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo while we were there – I kind of had my hands full!!  But here we are once we got home.  Reid & Momma, 5-13-09

    It was a really nice way to spend the morning!

    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Six Weeks

    Our sweet little guy is six weeks old today!Happy little Reid, 5-9-09

    He had a really busy week this week!

    On Sunday, his Grandma and Grandpa came down for an afternoon visit.  Reid had a very sleepy day and just woke up to eat and for diaper changes!  Not very social!!  :-)  We went out to Lake Travis for lunch and had a nice visit on our patio afterwards.Grandma & Reid, 5-3-09Grandpa & Reid, 5-3-09

    We also had visits with friends, Zanna & Sarah on Monday and Charlie & Stacey on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to pull out my camera for either of our visits! Bummer!  Next time…

    Reid met Raquel who was just born last Sunday (May 3)!  Her momma, Amie, and I had close due dates (4 weeks) and were good buddies throughout our pregnancies.  They live in our neighborhood and we’d go on walks or to Big Belly Yoga together.  Here are Reid and Raquel:Reid (5 1/2 weeks) and Raquel (4 days)

    On Friday, we went over to Gran Susan’s house so she could finally meet Reid!  (Susan is my good friend Kellie’s mom :-) )  Ethan is a little sweetie and showed lots of love to Reid and me, “AJ.” Ethan, Susan and Reid

    Our good friend Brad also came by his mom’s house to meet Reid.Reid and BradWe had a great visit!  Next time, hopefully Kellie can be there!!  :-)  Reid, Jenny (AJ) and Ethan

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    Fun Photo #2

    Our next Fun Photo comes from a solo backpacking trip I took up to The Cabin. The photo was actually taken during my drive home to Cincinnati, which took me through the small town of Oil City, Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River.

    This is a photo of the “Tri-City Monument Co.”. Notice the sense of humor in the sign on the side of the building (click photo for larger image)…


    Photo Album: Cabin, Solo Trip, October 1997

    Sunday, May 3, 2009

    First Play Date

    I’m sure there are many, many more play dates in our future but this first one was a lot of fun! 

    You may not be able to tell but two of the three babies got pretty upset right as we snapped this photo! :)

    Reid has two new friends:  Cabo and Ava.  All three babies were born within days of each other!

    Reid with his new friends Ava and Cabo!

    Beautiful little Ava was born on March 26.

    Ava PutaansuuReid’s birthday was March 28.

    Reid Remington And sweet Cabo’s birthday was March 30.

    Cabo Lopez

    Gretel & Cabo

    My good friend Amie also stopped by during her lunch break.  Her due date was Friday so she was getting a taste of what’s to come for her!  Maybe the time with three babies was all she needed to encourage her little one!  Amie welcomed her daughter Raquel Eve early this morning!  Congrats, Amie!!

    Jenny & Amie