Friday, April 3, 2009

Family Helpers

While Jenny and I were stuck in the hospital for 5 days, Jenny’s family came down to Austin to meet our little one. They did a wonderful job of taking care of the house and Sadie Belle, and we are very, very grateful to have such a wonderful family for Reid.

Here are a few photos we managed to take of him with family during those very busy first few days at the hospital.

Betsy, Chris, Karon and Reid.Gramma, Chris and Karon got their first glimpse of Reid during his bath in the nursery. 

Aunt Karon and Reid on his birthday!

Aunt Karon loves to squeeze babies! Reid cannot wait to meet is cousin Annabelle!

Avery and Reid Cousin Avery got to meet little Reid and was very curious about the little guy.  She said. “Hi Baby Weed!”

Aunt Stephanie, Uncle James and Reid Uncle James and Aunt Stephanie were  excited to meet their new nephew.  (Jenny thinks that Reid looks a lot like Avery did as a newborn.)

Jenny’s Mom (Betsy) stayed for an extra couple days once we got home to keep us fed and provide another set of hands for anything Reid needed, especially cuddles and diaper changes, which seem to require three people! 

Betsy was sad to leave Baby Reid...and we were sad to see her go, too!


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