Monday, April 6, 2009

A Few New (Material) Things I Love

Reid has been here for ten days.  In addition to the overwhelming love for him, in that short time I have come to love a few new material things.   I’m sure this list will grow, but here’s a start:The most comfy chair in the house!

My new glider chair – so comfy!

My iPhone breast-feeding tracker – I’m now officially addicted to my iPhone.  (And Jer loved the contraction tracker during our first 14 hours of labor.)

Text messaging – I wasn’t much of a texter before, but it is super handy to ask Jer for something when he is in another room, without having to disturb the little man or let the whole house know that I need him to take the baby while I go potty.  Again.  :-)

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – enough said.

The “Snot rocket” – (or a nasal aspirator, if you prefer…) you don’t want details, but thank goodness for this thing!

Rock-a-bye Baby music – it’s music we love, but lullaby-ified.  We had a good night last night and Rock-a-bye Baby is getting some of the credit for that! 

The Miracle Blanket – my friend Danielle gave us a stash of these.  She was right:  they are AWESOME.


Kellie said...

Yea for Reid and yea for those things that make our lives run just little bit smoother!!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I love my I phone. Its the best!!! I'm writing to you now on it... LOL. It takes pretty good pictures too!! Xoxo ~Sarah~

Anonymous said...

Hello from Az. I have to say, I love this site. I thinks it great to be able to know how things are going with you. He is the cutest baby. Enjoy every minute!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics! When can I come for a visit??? I can't wait to meet that precious man! Marianne

taylor said...

so far so good, he is sooo cute! see you soon