Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a Week!!

After spending his first few days in the hospital, it was wonderful to finally get our little guy home.  He has been so fun to get to know and watch all his little faces and movements now that he is “on the outside” or, as my Uncle Alex, the OB doctor, calls it, “exteriorized.”   :)

We first saw him stick out his tongue in our 28 week sonogram and here it is again! :)We first saw him stick out his tongue in our 28 week sonogram and here it is again! :)

Reid’s first doctor appointment went well and we learned he is gaining weight – a huge relief for me because it means that breastfeeding is going well.

Reid met his Great Uncle Matt and Great Aunt Ellen while they are in Central Texas on a visit.  Great timing!

My Uncle Matt and Aunt Ellen met Reid!Sadie Belle has been curious about the little man, and slightly nervous, it seems.  She stays pretty close to us and wants to play a lot.Jer is a happy guy with Sadie Belle and Reid.We are all still getting to know each other.We said goodbye to my mom on Thursday. We appreciated all her help!  Luckily, she was able to stay long enough to “hand off” to Jer’s parents (Bob and Dana), who arrived on Thursday.  They have already been a big help and we appreciate them!

Papa and ReidAmmy and ReidFriday was a beautiful day here in Austin so we took Reid out for his first lounge on the patio.  It was so nice!Yes, the hat is too big and very dorky, but it was so sunny!Happy Momma with her little manDaddy loving on ReidI missed Reid’s first bath in the hospital, so I was excited for the little guy’s sponge bath Friday night!  Hopefully he’ll enjoy taking a tubby as much as his cousins do!We kept him covered so he wouldn't get too chilly!He was a good sport most of the way through......okay! He's had enough! Do you see Sadie escaping through the doggie door in the background?  It got noisey!More to come!


Sam R. Kubaney said...

Hi Aunt Jenny & Uncle Jer! I love the new pictures of Baby Reid- he's so cute! Can't wait to meet him- when can he come to Ohio? Say Hi to Sadie Belle (the big sister) for me! Love, Sam

Omi Ford said...

You guys look great! I am so glad you are doing well. These pictures are too fun!

Zoe said...

Jenny: you look tooooo good for having just had a baby!!!

Katie said...

Oh, what fun! Congratulations on the new arrival. And, you look GREAT mama.

Bev said...

Wonderful pictures :) I'm so glad we got to finally meet him last weekend. It's so fun seeing you and Jeremy figure everything out. You've got a great team behind you! said...

He is the cutest baby ever! Lots of love to you all - Sherry and Brian