Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get to know Reid @ 8 months!

Sweet Baby Reid is eight months old today!  He’s growing and developing so fast that I don’t know where to begin!Family @ Town Lake in Austin, 11-1-09Eating:  He still nurses 4x a day, and now has three meals a day.  His favorite foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, butternut squash, carrots and chicken.  He really doesn’t like avocados, still.  If you mix anything with applesauce, there’s a good chance he’ll eat it.   His third tooth came in right before Thanksgiving, just in time to try ham for the first time!"Yummy!" 11-27-09Sleeping:  Most nights Reid sleeps through the night. Most.  When he does wake up in the night he is screaming mad.  Sometimes we can settle him back to sleep, and other times we give up and turn on some lights to try and break the trance and stop the crying.  He takes two naps a day and they are getting longer, so that is nice!  Once he’s awake we either find him sitting or standing in the crib!Standing in his cribby, Nov 09Little Personality:  He loves to smile with a big open-mouth grin.  He’s super noisy and seems like he’s trying to carry on a conversation with himself or his toys.  When he’s happy he’ll “flap his wings” and squeak – it’s about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Lately he has begun making a cute little grunting/growling noise when busy playing, which is a welcome relief from some of the higher-pitched squeaking he likes to do.Happy in the swing, 11-27-09On the Move:  Reid is mobile and fast!  He is a pro at crawling, and in the last three weeks has started pulling up on the furniture (and anything else in his way) to get to a standing position and now scoots around the furniture.  Sadie has learned that when he raises his arms and leans forward he’s about to launch himself and she better get moving!  Sadie's doggie door is too tempting... 11-11-09Reid crawled under his cube to get some serious "work" done, 11-20-09Likes:  being outside, crawling, standing up, swinging, cuddling, reading books, Sadie’s tail, noisy & wet kisses (giving and getting), music & dancing, jumping, bath time…IMG_8804Dislikes:  being cold during the diaper change after bath time, teething pain, being put down for a nap before he’s ready.Here is the proof that Reid does actually cry! I promise that I picked him up and cuddled him right after this photo. :) 11-4-09Favorite Toys:  microphone (as seen in photo below…we don’t get it either…),  Mr. Wonderful (which was a given to Jer at his bachelor party), the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, and his funny feet elephant from the Hofers…to name a few of his current favorites…IMG_1482Reid loves his Funny Feet stuffed elephant and lion! 11-4-09Nicknames:  “Mr. Mister” (everyone), “Meatball” (everyone), “Big Guy” (Daddy), “Baby Dude” (Daddy), “No-Lips McGee” (Momma)   IMG_8425Reid in a Few Words:  happy, noisy, charming and loved!Aunt Holly:  Guess what he's doing?!  He's twiddling BOTH his ears! He might be your perfect baby after all!! :) 11-26-09

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Four Happy Years…

Four years ago, I married my best friend in Key West.  It was a great day and one we will always remember!

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures. We are walking down the isle after getting married.  I think I was saying, "Can you believe it, Stinker?!  We just got MARRIED!!"  :)

Jer told me last night that the traditional gifts for the fourth anniversary are fruit/flowers or linen/silk, and the contemporary gift is appliances.  (Thank you, Wikipedia.)  Right on schedule, we added this guy to our kitchen just a couple weeks ago:

Funny, I thought the fourth anniversary was diapers.  We’ve got those, too!  :)

Happy Anniversary, Jer!  I love you!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Cousin: Faith Jordan Allaire

This has been a big year of babies for both our families!  Reid kicked things off in MarchCarly and Alex both arrived in August, and now Baby Faith arrived yesterday!  I think it is safe to say that you won’t hear about any more new babies in these families for at least nine more months… ;)

She was 8 pounds, 19 3/4 inches, with a little bit of dark, curly hair.

I talked with Chris last night and heard about what a great job the little Momma and little Faith did on their big day!  We only have a few photos from mobile phones but she’s a doll, just like all the girl babies in this family!

We can’t wait to meet little Faith!  Love, love, love to Chris, Karon, Annabelle & Faith!  Congratulations!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Big News for the Meatball

Big news today.  BIG. 

In case you missed it, today the record was set for the world’s largest meatball.   Mmm…222 pounds of meat.  Yummy.  I guess our Mr. Meatball has some competition.

Image: Largest meatball, Jim Cole / AP

In bigger news, a woman at the grocery store, who also had a seven-month old, called Reid…wait for it… “tiny.”  That’s right.  TINY.   T-I-N-Y.  Since when is Mr. Meatball “tiny?

Reid happily playing in his cube 10-29-09

And in even bigger news, yesterday, Mr. Meatball pulled himself up to get to his cube.  He crawled over to the cube, got his hands on the dark green shelf, and pulled himself to a standing position!  He stood there for about ten seconds and didn’t fall off until he reached for the koala in the pink bikini.

Reid's koala Damn that koala.  Never trust a koala in a pink bikini.

Congratulations Carmen & Shannon!

Our friends Carmen & Shannon tied the knot in Santorini, Greece last month.  It was just the two of them and it sounds like an amazing trip and a wonderful way to begin their life together. 

They had a wedding reception when they got home at one of Carmen’s favorite little wine bars called House Wine.  Jeremy was in Houston for George’s bachelor party, so Kellie was my date for the evening!  :)  We had a great time and enjoyed toasting the new married couple!Kellie and I enjoying some wine out on the patio 10-10-09Uh oh...this could get ugly!  10-10-09Carmen & Jenny 10-10-09After the party at House Wine, we went to Fado’s and sat in the exact booth they sat in for their first date on the night they met.  (Fun Carmen/Shannon fact:  their MOMs set them up on a blind date…that’s how it all began! :) Carmen & Shannon at Fado's 10-10-09 Congratulations Carmen & Shannon!  We love you guys!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Reid’s first Halloween was a lot of fun!

We got into the spirit last weekend at the pumpkin patch

And during this past week, Reid scared us into thinking it’s time to start baby-proofing the house because of his new mobility and curiosity.

On Halloween morning, I finally finished his costume and let him play with the fishy.IMG_8268Here is the final product…our little sushi:Reid the sushi, 10-31-09Reid the sushi, 10-31-09In the afternoon we went over to our friends Scott & Amie & Raquel’s house for a baby Halloween party.  It was fun to see the babies play together, interact and in costume! :)Batman Wyatt is checking Reid out.Amie & Raquel the sharkAva the monkey & Raquel the sharkReid & Ava during her custume changeAva the strawberry, Sushi Reid and Winnie the Cabo Jenny, Reid & Jer Happy Halloween from our happy little sushi!!Happy Halloween from our happy little sushi!