Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin

Let’s play a game.  I’ll ask a question and you answer.

It’s a beautiful Saturday in October.  What do you do?

A)  Drive out to the lake to have lunch and/or margaritas with people you love and talk about how great it is to live in Austin.

B)  Go to a friend’s house to watch college football for your favorite team.

C)  Drive out to a field filled with pumpkins…take WAY TOO MANY photos of your kiddo squinting at you…or better yet, not looking at you at all – or the mountains of pumpkins – but looking at the hay.  (“Hey!  It’s HAY!”)

If you answered “C” then you are either a parent, or you are crazy. Momma's little pumpkin is laughing at Daddy 10-24-09Last year, when I was preggo, Kellie and I talked about how next year we’d go together to the pumpkin patch with our kiddos.  Once I saw how much fun Ethan had, I knew this would be something fun to do with Baby Remington.  I’ve been looking forward to taking Reid here since before he arrived!  :)

We met Kellie, Dave & Ethan, and Sara & Kate out at the pumpkin patch.  The two-year olds knew just what to do:  climb on the pumpkins and smile for the camera. Ethan, Kate & Reid...Kate knows what to do for the camera! 10-24-09 As you can see, Reid was more interested in the grass and blanket we put him on!Reid at the pumpkin patch, 10-24-09Reid was fascinated by the baby goats.  (Of course, why would I take pictures of the goats when I could take pictures of my guys?)Reid & Daddy check out the baby goats at the pumpkin patch, 10-24-09 And as if that wasn’t cute enough, the experienced Mommas told me to bring a Halloween costume for Reid because they were going to get some pics with their kiddos in costume with the pumpkins.  I’m (still!) not finished with Reid’s costume for this year, so luckily, we had a Tigger costume from my friend Stacey’s Charlie who was Tigger last year!

Kate was so sweet to Baby Reid!  Isn't she a doll?! Fairy Kate, Tigger Reid & Cowboy Ethan, 10-24-09How hard is it to get a photo of three kids faces (not even looking at the camera…we just wanted faces!) when you put them on top of a bail of hay?  Well, I took a dozen and this is the best one:  Cowboy Ethan, Fairy Kate & Tigger Reid, 10-24-09That’s some damn interesting hay.Hey!  It's hay! 10-24-09Tigger Reid, 10-24-09Family at the pumpkin patch, 10-24-09Happy Fall, Y’all!

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Anonymous said...

That baby boy is absolutely precious and the expressions on his little face make me laugh.
You do a great job with this blog, Jenny, I so enjoy it.
Happy Halloween!! Much love, Aunt Karen