Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reid Meets Gramma!

If you know me well, you know how much I adore my Gramma.  This pic is nearly four years old but it is one of my favorites of us with Gramma. 11-05-05Stephanie, Gramma I me at our rehursal dinner in Key West, 2005. She’s a phenomenal woman and a loving mother of 13, grandmother of 21, and great-grandmother to six (and counting!) 

Reid had the honor to meet her and spend the afternoon with her on a day-trip while we were in Cleveland visiting.   I feel so lucky that Jer’s family lives so close to Erie, PA, where Gramma lives, so we visit her a couple times a year.

Reid and I drove to visit Gramma’s new home in Fairview, just outside of Erie.  She lives in a very nice community with her husband Boyd.  We had a really nice visit there, and discovered that Reid really likes Boyd’s voice!  Boyd kept Reid’s attention throughout our visit!Boyd, Gramma and Reid, 9-11-09Reid and Gramma checking each other out. 9-11-09We had a nice lunch with my Aunt DiDi and Aunt Mary Pat.  Reid showed off his table manners by grabbing for everything in site and putting his feet on the table.  :)Aunt DiDi and Reid, 9-11-09Aunt Mary Pat & Reid, 9-11-09It was really special to see Gramma with Reid and to talk with her about when her babies were babies.  I only wish our visit was longer and we’d had more time to sit and talk.

We had a wonderful visit and I can’t wait for us to get back to see our family in Erie again soon!Reid, Gramma and me, 9-11-09

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