Monday, October 5, 2009

Cleveland Trip – Part One

Last month we went to Cleveland and Erie to visit our family and friends.  Reid was a GREAT sport for his first plane ride!  Wouldn’t you be if you could travel in your PJs?

Jenny, Reid and the tongue on plane, 9-4-09Reid & Jer on our layover, 9-4-09 

Papa greeted us at the airport, and Ammy was the first to greet us when we got to Holly’s house.  Reid hadn’t seen Ammy & Papa since their visit in April when he was just weeks old.  Papa met us at the airport, 9-4-09Ammy reunited with Baby Reid, 9-4-09

This was Reid’s first time to meet Aunt Holly, Uncle Jeff and cousins Will, Jack, Sam and Baby Alex!  It was so much fun to see the “Baby Boys” react and play with their new cousin Baby Reid!

Big Cousin Sammy and Baby Reid, 9-4-09 Aunt Holly and Baby Alex! 9-4-09Ammy and her five Baby Boys, Jack, Sam, Reid, Will & Alex! 9-4-09Reid loved all the attention! Good times with cousins!! 9-4-09The next morning, when I heard squealing in the kitchen, I knew that Reid was meeting someone new and had a hunch that it would be Aunt Karen. 

Reid loves Aunt Karen, 9-5-09 Reid & Aunt Karen, 9-5-09 Apparently, Aunt Karen is (one of) our most-faithful readers!   (More specifically, when we get behind on posting, she notices!)  She told us more than once that she feels like she knows him from this blog.  That makes me so happy that our family far away can watch Reid grow and feel as if there aren’t quite so many miles between us.

More to come…but here’s one final picture of happy, drooly Reid:Reid, 9-5-09

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Anonymous said...

We had such a good time during your visit. Thanks for staying longer with Reid, Jenny. Your trips to Ohio are very special to all of us. We love you!