Monday, October 12, 2009

Cleveland Trip – Photos, Photos, Photos

Okay, back to our Cleveland trip with more photos (a lot more!).

On our vacation, we did a lot of cuddling babies…Daddy & Reid Jack & AlexSammy & ReidAmmy & Aunt Karen with ReidSammy & ReidReid & JackPapa, Alex, Sammy, Aunt Holly & Reid We went to Jack’s football game and then Will’s football game the next week...

Reid, Jenny, Jer and QB Jack! This might be one of my all-time favorite pictures of Jack. Jenny, Sammy and Reid on the sidelines. Will at his football game

Reid met so many friends and family members!  We got pictures with Aunt Theora, Janice, Uncle Billy, Julie, Pa, Lizzy and Uncle Dan.Reid & Aunt Theora Reid & Janice Reid & Uncle Billy.  For the record, he did NOT change a diaper...he swept in after the dirty work was done! ;)Laughing with JulieReid, Pa and SammyLizzy & ReidEnjoying the campfire with Uncle DanReid “watched” golf and backyard football with Papa…Papa & ReidPapa & Reid

…read stories and cuddled with Ammy…Reid & Ammy…enjoyed mornings on the porch with Momma…Reid on the porch for our morning quiet time with Momma …laughed with Aunt Holly…Aunt Holly is SO FUNNY! …played with Uncle Jeff, Will, Jack & Sam…Uncle Jeff & ReidWill & ReidUncle Jeff, Sammy & Reid …hung out with Baby Alex…Reid checking out cousin AlexHey cousin! …and walked the Big Boys to the bus stop… Walking the big boys to the bus stop - Sam, Jack, Will & Reid"Cheese!" before the bus arrives

We all had a great time!!Momma & ReidDaddy and his little meatball


Omi Ford said...

These are GREAT pictures. It is so fun to see how much joy that lil guy brings to so many!

Anonymous said...

We had the best time during Jer, Jenny and Reid's visit. Reid is such a happy baby boy and just makes everyone around him smile. The Kubaney boys thought he was the best! They hope their baby Alex is as much fun as Reid is when he is 6 months old.