Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cleveland Trip – Lifelong Friends

Declan, Jay, Brenda and Reid pose for a split second, 9-6-09Jay Wilcoxon is one of Jer’s oldest friends.  While we were in Cleveland, Jay, wife Brenda and 3 1/2 year-old son Declan stopped by for a visit and to meet Reid.  We hadn’t seen their son Declan since December – he’s growing so fast!   Speaking of fast, he never stopped moving so catching him for a photo was tough! Declan takes a photo of Jer and Reid, 9-6-09Daddy and Reid watch Declan and Jay play in the dirt, 9-6-09While we were visiting with them, we remembered back to our wedding when Brenda was pregnant with Declan nearly four years ago.

During our ceremony we asked each of our best friends to say something.  We’ll never forget what Jay said, and it has an even more special meaning now that we have a son of our own.  Jay talked about being Jer’s lifelong friend, and how important that bond is.  And he also said that he hopes that some day we would have a boy and that our boys will play together at the Cabin that Jay and Jer love so much.Declan, Jay, Reid and Jer doing serious strategizing on digging a hole. 9-6-09Nothing is better than a lifelong friend.  We hope to see Jay, Brenda and Declan again soon. 

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