Monday, November 2, 2009

Big News for the Meatball

Big news today.  BIG. 

In case you missed it, today the record was set for the world’s largest meatball.   Mmm…222 pounds of meat.  Yummy.  I guess our Mr. Meatball has some competition.

Image: Largest meatball, Jim Cole / AP

In bigger news, a woman at the grocery store, who also had a seven-month old, called Reid…wait for it… “tiny.”  That’s right.  TINY.   T-I-N-Y.  Since when is Mr. Meatball “tiny?

Reid happily playing in his cube 10-29-09

And in even bigger news, yesterday, Mr. Meatball pulled himself up to get to his cube.  He crawled over to the cube, got his hands on the dark green shelf, and pulled himself to a standing position!  He stood there for about ten seconds and didn’t fall off until he reached for the koala in the pink bikini.

Reid's koala Damn that koala.  Never trust a koala in a pink bikini.


Anonymous said...

You are soooo funny!!! I love this blog. I don't know if I like the baby pictures or your comments more. You're great!

That "tiny" meatball is just beginning now that he is mobile. You had better get plenty of rest. You are going to need it.

Have a great day!!!

Love, Aunt Karen

Juan and Kim said...

Mr. Meatball is so not tiny! Well, in comparison to the world record meatball maybe. :) How fun that he's already pulling up! Time to lower that crib mattress... hehe.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be on the road with that woman. She needs her eyes checked! Her 7 month old must be huge if she thinks Reid is tiny.
Our baby is getting too big too quickly! Only one more day! See you soon.
Love you, Ammy

Bev said...

Better start bolting those bookcases to the wall!!!