Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Four Week Stats

Reid is trying to charm his momma! :)

We took Reid to his four week doctor appointment yesterday.  He’s grown a lot since his two week check-up!  Here are his stats:

  • Weight:  10lbs 9.5 oz (72 percentile)
  • Height: 23 in  (92 percentile)
  • Latest milestones: big smiles, even better head control, reacting to our faces, rolling from his tummy to his back and “playing” with a rattle. 

Jer will upload a video soon to show off Reid’s musical talents!  Aunt Stephanie will be proud of our future percussionist!


Omi Ford said...

Reid looks great. He and Isabella can play basketball together! Where did these tall babies come from... oh yes, their dads! I hope you are enjoying your time at home and getting a nap every now and then.

Erin Maher said...

I see a little bit of mischief behind that smile -- love it! Miss y'all. xoxo, Erin said...

I totally agree with Erin. That kid's a charmer! Love and miss you guys!