Monday, May 25, 2009

Bath Time

Reid seems to really love baths!  We haven’t been able to take photos at bath time in a long time because it takes four hands to wash our squirmy, slippery baby!  (In fact, this was the last photo at bath time from his second week.) So while the Flores family here visiting, we had Aunt Stephanie take some pictures of Baby Reid enjoying a tubby.Reid, 5-23-09 In the bath, he opens his big eyes wide and sits very calm. Bath time, 5-23-09Bath time, 5-23-09 And after baths, we love to wrap him in a towel and talk with him.Reid, 5-23-09Daddy, Momma & Reid enjoying the post-tubby time, 5-23-09


stephanie said...

i love that baby...squeaky clean :) said...

Lol... he has his tongue sticking out in all these photos. Too cute!