Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Friends: the Foyt Twins

Our friends Nate and Vicky had twins eleven days before we had Reid.  Sophia and Jacob are adorable!  Reid and I went to visit and spend the afternoon with them one day last week, after yoga class.

Vicky is a rock-star momma and even though newborn twins are a ton of work, she’s clearly loving it!  Her day is filled with twice the diapers, twice the feedings, and as she told me, “twice the smiles.”  :-)Reid with Sophia & Jacob Foyt doing "tummy time"  5-21-09 Don’t tell Jacob, but I think Reid and Sophia were trying to hold hands!Reid with Sophia & Jacob Foyt, 5-21-09

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www.satyaryu.com said...

The holding hands is too cute! What a charmer!!