Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off-Roading with Reid

I think Reid will eventually make a great little riding partner. He’s not quite ready for his first dirt bike, but I’m pretty sure a Yamaha PW50 will eventually be his first set of gas-powered wheels.

09MS_PW50_blu_S1_bdd98e11You’ve got to start somewhere. Luckily our wonderful friends The Hofers hooked us up with a lean and mean jogging stroller that comes equipped with some large tires and a nice set of shocks.

Until he’s ready for the next step, I think this stroller is going to be Reid’s off-road weapon of choice. A couple of weeks ago we took Reid out to one of our favorite local parks: St. Edwards Park. This place has varied terrain, lots of trees, rocks, and some great trails that are great for hiking and trail running. I’ve used this park to train for many of my backpacking excursions. One of the best things about St. Edwards Park is that it is only a few miles from our house, tucked right into the edge of the wonderful Texas Hill Country.

Momma & Reid, 5-2-09Daddy & Reid, 5-2-09

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