Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hofer Family Visits Austin

As I mentioned, we have had many visitors in the month of February – which has been so much fun!  A few weekends ago we had our good friends George, Mariana and Michele come in from Houston for a visit!

It seemed that our weekend revolved around eating, hanging out, more eating, and crossing a few things off our baby-to-do list.  Mmm...Salt Lick... Michele, Jenny, Jer, G and MarianaThis was Mariana's first trip to the Salt Lick!

And to make sure we are “keeping Austin weird,” we visited the Cathedral of Junk.

Cathedral of Junk signG, Mariana, Jer, John, Jenny & Michele at the Cathedral of Junk.Can you believe this place?! Michele climbed up to the "second story" to snap this photo of me. Jer atop one of the peaks of junk

They even came with us to help us pick out a chair for our nursery!  As a very special treat, they got us a jogging stroller for Baby Remington – WOW!  I can’t wait to walk the baby in it! :-)  Thanks G, Mariana and Michele!

As a side note, Mariana is now a legal resident of the U.S.  Yay! Congratulations, Mariana!

What better way to celebrate being a legal resident than in a big pile of junk!?!

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