Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Cousins for Baby Remington

We told you last month that Baby Remington has two baby cousins on the way!  The Kubaney's will add another little boy to their crew in August.  We can't wait for our next trip to Cleveland to introduce Will, Jack and Sam to Baby Remington, and to rub Holly's belly!  :)

This week Stephanie, James and Avery found out they are having another GIRL!!  Avery is going to be a big sister!!   I'm so excited for Avery because I know how special it is to be a big sister! 

And finally, Chris and Karon told us last week that they are expecting their second baby!  We won't know if their little one is "pink or blue" until he or she arrives in late October.  (Any bets?!)  Congratulations to Chris and Karon! 

This is an exciting year for our families!  Baby Remington is going to have lots of cousins to play with!  He’s already a very lucky little guy.


Anonymous said...

Wow... that is a lot of babies. The one I'm most excited about, of course, is yours. But I'm biased. :)

Holly Remington Kubaney said...

This Blog is the best thing ever! I can't wait to see blogs about my little nephew! Hopefully I'll not feel so far away from him by keeping up with the Texan Remington on this blog...:-(.