Saturday, May 9, 2009

Six Weeks

Our sweet little guy is six weeks old today!Happy little Reid, 5-9-09

He had a really busy week this week!

On Sunday, his Grandma and Grandpa came down for an afternoon visit.  Reid had a very sleepy day and just woke up to eat and for diaper changes!  Not very social!!  :-)  We went out to Lake Travis for lunch and had a nice visit on our patio afterwards.Grandma & Reid, 5-3-09Grandpa & Reid, 5-3-09

We also had visits with friends, Zanna & Sarah on Monday and Charlie & Stacey on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to pull out my camera for either of our visits! Bummer!  Next time…

Reid met Raquel who was just born last Sunday (May 3)!  Her momma, Amie, and I had close due dates (4 weeks) and were good buddies throughout our pregnancies.  They live in our neighborhood and we’d go on walks or to Big Belly Yoga together.  Here are Reid and Raquel:Reid (5 1/2 weeks) and Raquel (4 days)

On Friday, we went over to Gran Susan’s house so she could finally meet Reid!  (Susan is my good friend Kellie’s mom :-) )  Ethan is a little sweetie and showed lots of love to Reid and me, “AJ.” Ethan, Susan and Reid

Our good friend Brad also came by his mom’s house to meet Reid.Reid and BradWe had a great visit!  Next time, hopefully Kellie can be there!!  :-)  Reid, Jenny (AJ) and Ethan


Juan and Kim said...

He's getting so big! I love that sweet smile picture :)

Holly Remington Kubaney said...

Oh my gosh has he grown!!!!! WOW! What a difference, and what an adorable smile! Hope you had a Happy 1st Mother's Day, Jenny! Hope to see you all soon...
Love Aunt Holly

Kellie said...

LOVE IT! I can't wait to get my hands on Mr. Reid! Have a great Thursday and let's get together SOON! LOve you guys!

Gran said...

I loved having Reid and his mommy over for a visit! I think Mr. Reid is sure looking like his Grandpa Allaire! Can't wait for the next get-together!
hugs, Susan-Gran