Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get to Know Reid @ Seven Weeks

I have always heard about how babies change so much,  and I can say that our little guy is changing every week!  It seems like he is discovering more every day, and charming us with even bigger smiles.  The pictures show you how cute he is, but here’s a glimpse at the personality of Baby Reid.Reid is checking out Daddy and giving him a smile!  5-15-09 Likes:   being outside and looking at the trees; walks in the jogging stroller; being on his “jungle mat" and playing with all the dangling toys; his swing; bath time; being rocked to sleep; burping; and ceiling fans.

Reid and Sadie Belle are ready for a walk!Reid on the Dislikes:  being hungry; being cold; messy diapers; and being swaddled when he thinks it is not time for sleeping. 

Nicknames (and who calls him what): Mr. Wiggles (Jenny), The Fat Man (Jer), Little Buddy (Jer)

Sleep habitshe is finally starting to sleep for longer stretches.  Last night he slept for seven hours straight!  (Let’s hope this is the start of something….knocking on wood…)  He is also sleeping in his crib now, rather than in the bassinette in our room.  I didn’t expect him to “graduate” so soon, but he seems to be sleeping much better.

Eating habits:  he is still a champion eater!  Jer gives him a bottle a few times a week to give me a break and to spend quality time with Reid.

Lessons learned:  Let Reid “ask” for a diaper change.  Otherwise, he’s likely to poo on the changing table.  And then again… Heard enough yet?!

Bragging rights:   He is really observant and holds his head up well.  He also has the biggest, best smile in the world.  Seriously. It’s the best.  Come and visit him and he’ll show off his best features!Smiley Mr. Reid

Reid in a word (or maybe a couple words…):  Observant.  Happy. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad Reid is sleeping longer for you and in his "big bed". He is a big boy and needs his space......Hope everyone is getting more sleep.
I love these postings. They help me feel close to Reid. I look forward to to when I can play with him and kiss those chubby cheeks. You guys are great! Aunt Karen & Aunt Mary Lou are keeping up with Reid too. They both told me how much they enjoy your site. Love you! Ammy