Sunday, May 24, 2009

“How is Sadie Belle?”

We’ve had lots of friends and family ask us how Sadie Belle is adjusting to the baby.

Sadie Belle sits in this window and "hunts" squirrles in our backyard.  This photo was taken by our talented friend and dog-lover Beverly.She doesn’t like to hear him cry, and will come get me if I’m in the other room, even if Jer has it under control!  I think she blames me for this new person invading her once-happy, peaceful home.

One day when we first got home with Reid and he was crying up a storm, she came and licked my leg when Jer was trying to console him in the other room.  I imagined her trying to tell us to, “DO SOMETHING!!  MAKE IT STOP!!”

She’s protective, and often sleeps near his bassinette.Sadie and Baby Reid, 4-5-09She’s really curious about him…Sadie Belle & Reid, 4-7-09…or maybe she just is realizing that he gets the majority of the attention, and she better stick close.Sadie & Reid, 5-3-09Daddy, Reid and Sadie Belle, Easter 2009And even though she’s going on more walks than she did in the last month of my pregnancy, and we are trying to give her as much attention as possible…Sadie Belle is ready for her walk!  5-16-09…we think she’s feeling a little left out!Sadie Belle & Reid, 4-7-09 So if you come to visit, she’ll probably ask you for some love and attention.  :-)Sadie Belle, 4-4-09 We think Reid and Sadie will be great playmates someday.  She is a great dog and we imagine he’ll love her as much as we do!

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Anonymous said...

Before you know it Reid will be crawling after Sadie Belle and trying to follow her out the doggy door. They will be best buddies.
Sadie is already watching out for Reid. They are both so cute!!!!