Monday, February 1, 2010

Reid + Friends

We are really lucky to have so many friends with babies close to the same age as Mr. Meatball.  Check out some new faces and see how much others have grown!Ava, Reid, Cabo, Raquel & Savanah

Raquel + Reid.  They are really close in age (just over a month) and they play really well together!  (Reid met Raquel when she was four days old!  They’ve grown so much!! :")Raquel & Reid, 1-15-10Raquel & Reid climbing on the furniture, 1-15-10Mommas & Babies! Me & Reid and Amie & Raquel, 1-23-10

Cabo + Reid.  These little buddies hadn’t seen each other in a long time -- since football season and Halloween, to be exact. It was nice to get the guys together and let them play! Reid & Cabo, 1-23-10Serious playing between Reid & Cabo, 1-23-10

Ava + Reid.  These two have been friends since they were one month old!  They’ve done playdates, joined in on double-dates with Mom & Dad,  crashed our Project Runway watching parties… Ava & Reid - 7 months, 10-21-09 …and now, whatever toy one of them has, the other wants.  This will be interesting, people.  Reid doesn’t know what he’s in for! ;)Ava is schooling Reid on "what's mine is mine."  Luckily, he's a lover (not a fighter) and adores Ava (and her toys)!

Ana & Javi + Reid.  I met Kim through her sister (and my good friend) Erin, and we’ve become even closer over the past year.  We live near each other, and now that we have babies just a few months apart, we take the opportunity to get together whenever we can! The twins are enjoying their nap as Reid talks us out of going on a walk.  (It started raining right as we bundled up the babies and headed out side!!) 1-13-10Happy Momma Kim with Ana & Javi.  Who knew that SB was checking out Ana so closely! 1-28-10

Hudson + Reid.  Melissa and Hudson spent the day with Reid and I – we had a great time!  We played with the babies, met Jer and Darin for lunch, and had a nice dinner out.  It was a great day and I hope we do it again soon!  Reid & Hudson, 1-20-10Reid & Hudson, 1-20-10 

Sophia & Jacob + Reid.  Reid met the Foyt twins back in May. Since I never posted this one, check out this photo of them in back in October (when they were seven months old). CUTE!Jacob, Sophia & Reid in PJs at a dinner party, 10-22-09And now here they are at 10 months old!  Do you think we need to have a talk with Reid about keeping his hands to himself?!Sophia & Reid, 1-21-10Jacob & Reid, 1-21-10Jacob, Reid & Sophia taking a break from playing to pose for the camera, 1-29-10 

Wyatt + Reid.  Reid’s buddy Wyatt is an awesome little dude.  (Check out this photo of them from June to see how much they’ve grown!) I recently watched Wyatt while his Momma went to Big Belly Yoga

I took the boys for a walk…(double stroller – YIKES!)… Reid & Wyatt, 1-23-10 …to the park for a swing… Reid & Wyatt, 1-23-10…and they both zonked out before we got home.  Good boys!! Sleepy Reid & Wyatt, 1-23-10

Holy Cow.  That’s a lot of babies. 


Susan P. said...

Yes, my little sassy redhead is a girl who knows what she wants and won't take "no" for an answer....hmmm, I wonder where she gets that?!?

Amie T. said...

Wow Mr. Reid, you have so many friends to play with!! I had to click on every link to see how each kiddo has grown:)

Rock on mommas!

Anonymous said...

I hope I get to meet all of Reid's little buddies when we come to TX. They are all so adorble. Lucky Reid! I can't believe Sophia didn't bite his finger! Reid must be gentle with his touching. (Does he still yank on earrings?) I love that precious baby boy!