Monday, June 8, 2009

Play Date #2

We had such a good time at our first happy hour, er, I mean play date, that we decided to do it again!Jenny & Reid, Susan & Ava, Gretel & Cabo, 6-4-09Ava, Reid and Cabo have grown a lot in the last month!    (I can’t believe I had him in the same onesie.  The shame!! :)Ava, Reid & Cabo, 6-4-09“Reid!  We don’t hit our friends!!”Ava, Reid & Cabo, 6-4-09 Happy Momma and sleepy baby!Jenny & Reid, 6-4-09

Our friend Amie and baby Raquel were there, too.  Unfortunately, we didn’t remember to get the camera out before the left!!  There’s always next time… :)

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Gretel said...

So fun!!! I am going to miss our weekday playdates :(