Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Swim, Then Again and Again!

Family swim on Father's Day, 6-21-09

During our family weekend, Reid went swimming for the first time in my parent’s pool.  He was very mellow, like he is in the bathtub, and seemed to enjoy it…for the most part!  Here are two short videos from his first swim:


The next day, I took him swimming with my good friend Amanda and her kiddosReid (12 weeks) and Brady (6 mo.) all bundled up and ready for a swim! 6-22-09Momma & Reid, 6-22-09I’ll have to post more photos of our visit later!  Amanda was a shutterbug and I didn’t pull out my camera often enough during our visit!  Bummer!

Then the following day Stephanie and I took Avery and Reid to our cousin Marianne’s house.  Reid met his cousins Madeline and Carson, and his Great Aunt Bobbi!  We went swimming and had a great visit!

Cousin Carson & Reid, 6-23-09    Aunt Bobbi & Reid, 6-23-09Reid & Marianne, 6-23-09Madi, Reid, Jenny, Steph, Avery, 6-23-09 Reid & Momma, 6-23-09 Avery, Steph & Madi, 6-23-09Jenny, Steph, Marianne & Carson, 6-23-09 One thing is for sure:  swimming tires him out!  :)Sleepy little swimmer, 6-23-09

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