Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun, Friend-filled Weekend

We had a nice weekend!  We saw lots of friends and got a few things done around the house, too.

On Friday, Reid and I met the Martini family at our community pool.  Reid has some new dorky sunglasses to shield his pretty eyes from the harsh Texas sun. Momma & Reid, 6-12-09Ethan loved the pool! Ethan & Dave Martini, 6-12-09 Someone fell asleep right after I got him ready for the water!Sleepy Reid, 6-12-09On Saturday, Michele Hofer came to visit us from Houston.  She’s the first Hofer to meet Reid!  They are a really special family and we can’t wait to introduce everyone to Reid!Michele & Reid, 6-13-09Michele and I snuck out for a mani & pedi while Reid and Daddy took a nap and Sadie Belle stood guard on the backyard.  Thanks Jer!  :)Daddy & Reid sleeping and Sadie Belle watching for trouble, 6-13-09John and Shelley came by for a visit on Saturday night.  They hadn’t seen Reid since he was 2 weeks oldJohn & Shelley, 6-13-09 Sunday, Jer did some yard work while Reid and I kept him company on the back porch.  Again, the dorky glasses!  6-14-09And Sunday afternoon, we took Reid to a local Irish pub, er, I mean, restaurant, Opal Divine’s.  We met our friends Camille and Don and their little guy Wyatt.  He’s about 5 months older than Reid and we expect they’ll be good buddies!Camille & Reid and Jenny & Wyatt It was a really nice weekend, and we were sad to see it end!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great weekend! I love that I have met so many of your friends and it is great to see their pictures on this site with Reid. Our little man sure is adorable (I'm not prejudice or anything!) Tell Reid his Ammy misses him and loves him bunches. Give him lots of kisses for me!
Love you all!