Sunday, October 19, 2008


One funny thing about pregnancy books is that they always seem to compare the baby's growth progress to food. While I admit that this appeals to me as someone who has threatened to eat up my sweet little nieces and's kind of weird.

This week, Baby Remington is about 5½ ounces. But really, how big – or small! – is that?

After using my food scale to weigh everything in my spice cabinet and fruit bowl, I decided to move to the canned foods. And I think Jeremy really appreciated the play-by-play as I worked through the kitchen: "Argh! An orange is 7½ ounces! Applesauce is 4¼ ounces! . . ." You get the idea – it was getting serious and I was getting frenzied.

And then, I found it. A little can that was a left over ingredient from a pot-luck dinner. A can of chopped olives. Baby Remington weighs about as much as a can of chopped olives. :-)

FOUND! This can of chopped olives is 5 1/2 ounces!

Stay tuned for updates on our pantry and Baby Remington's progress.


stephanie said...

ohhh, little olive jar! (I am squealing by the way)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Your olive jar is SOOOO cute! awwww :)

Katie said...

Congratulations on your little Olive Can. (Olive Can what?--that was a Wizard of Oz throwback, btw.)

I'm excited to keep up w/ you on your blog now! Fun.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Now Frenchies can post comments anonymously. :-) So, as I tried to say yesterday, I love the name "Riding Shotgun" as the Remington Journal - makes me feel like I'm in the front seat! ;-) Speaking of exciting is it to think about what baby Remington's name is going to be!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Frenchie's comment about the blog name. LOVE IT. :) Am also very excited about your little can of Olives. What a great way to help bring some reality to us surrogate Aunties! -Lucky