Saturday, December 6, 2008

Highs and Lows

Several years ago our very good friends Jeremy & Jessica introduced us to "Highs and Lows." We were having dinner at their house with them and their two children, and everyone around the table gave their "high" of the day and their "low" of the day. It's a group one can pass...its a great way to share something fun, or even sad, and most of all, it is absolutely democratic -- everyone has a voice.

I love it.

A few weeks later we were visiting our family in Cleveland and we introduced the concept to the "Baby Boys" (our nephews that are now not so little, as you can see from this picture taken this July). At the time, our nephew Jack's "L's" sounded like "W's." And when it came his turn, his high was, "that Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jer are finally here..." and he thought for a while about his low. When I pressed to find out the low from his very busy day, he said, "I don't got no woe, Aunt Jenny."

Is that the best thing you've ever heard, or what?!?

So today, on a cold day in December, I thought I'd introduce "highs and lows" to the uninitiated. Remember, this is a group participation, so please use the comment section to share yours.

My high is that this morning Jer MADE ME MY FAVORITE BREAKFAST -- French Toast. Mmmm. And because of that, I don't got no woe.

Jer said his high is "eating breakfast with my wife" (and I'll add for him: "and then she did the dishes.") He said his low will be raking leaves this afternoon.

Now, it is your turn!! :-)


Holly Remington Kubaney said...

Seems like yesterday he had "no woes"! Our high today will definitely be decorating our Christmas tree that we picked out last night while it was snowing! I have to admit it is a really pretty tree, and you should smell our home! We're busy getting ready for your arrival- we'll do our best to keep all this gorgoeus snow around til you get here- then we'll order up some more for Christmas Eve!
Love, Holly

Anonymous said...

It's not even 10am this morning, so my high/low is pretty basic...

High: Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Twist cleared my stuffy nose and made me feel all Christmasy.

Low: Having to go into part-time retail job at 8am... for a 30 minute meeting.

Now if the Cowboys will just pull a little magic, I'd consider this a pretty good Sunday. :)

Katie said...

I'll do yesterday since today is just halfway over...

High--Eating a chicken fried chicken sandwich in Old Town Spring w/ onion rings on the side after Thomas' violin concert (of course my high would include eating)

Low--The OU/Missouri game. Couldn't even finish watching.

Kellie said...

My high for today would be sleeping in until 7:45--thank you Ethan! My low would be the lovely virus I picked up from Ethan. Hummmm....he seems to be the bearer of good and bad. Here's to highs and know Jenny, I play this game with my kids at school but we call it "Wows and Pows". Great idea! Love ya, Kellie

stephanie said...

my high...(i have 2) spending the afternoon with omi and putting pigtails in Avery's hair!

my low: cleaning out closets for the last 3 hours. no fun!