Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Final Note on Christmas…

Yes. I know the holidays are over.

Our Christmas stuff is (finally) back in the attic and Jer is safe now that all the cheesy Christmas music has stopped. But even so, I just can’t seem to let go of my favorite part of Christmastime: the photo holiday cards and letters... They are still all laying out on our counter and I LOVE looking at them all!

So to help me through this, I thought I’d share JUST A FEW of our favorites… and then I can pack them away and finally have my kitchen counter back.

The Kubaney Family: Holly, Jeff, Will, Jack & Sam




These boys are growing up WAY TOO FAST!






Zoe & Dave Mitchell (Dave is affectionately known in our house as “Dirt Bike Dave”)



Aren’t these photos funny!?



Declan Wilcoxon




WOW! He looks just like his Daddy!


Charlie Bossert


Happy 2009!  Starring Charlie Bossert (if you can’t read his shirt, it says, “It’s been a fantastic year! Although I have nothing to compare it to.”)


Marianne, Lance, Carson & Madeline Black



We want to go on vacation with them!




More baby announcements for 2009:

Our friends Gretel & Miguel had a busy and exciting year!

Gretel & Miguel




Our friends Nate and Vicky are expecting TWINS this Spring!



And finally, many of our friends send cards with photos of their dogs. Our good friends and old roommates sent a great card starring their dog, Jasmine.

Beverly, David & Jasmine Schulze

Thanks for indulging me! Now I can let this Christmas finally end…

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Anonymous said...

Photo cards are a favorite of mine too. Someday I might actually send one. :) One of *MY* favorites was YOURS! I miss you guys and love you lots!!