Saturday, February 28, 2009

Polka Dots and Paint for Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day treat was to have Holly and Jeff come down for a visit and to help us paint the nursery! We had a fun and relaxing weekend – well, relaxing for those of us that didn’t paint! :-)

Jer and Jeff

The nursery – formerly “the pink room” – looks great! Three walls are yellow and one wall is a rusty red with polka dots. He also painted the ceiling, baseboards. THANKS JEFF! The idea came from my creative friend Stacey…THANKS STACEY!

Jeff painting a big polka dot

A BIG THANK YOU to our painter!

We are now putting the final touches on Baby Remington’s room. Stay tuned for more photos!!

Doesn't it look cool?!  More pics to come, I promise!

We did let Holly and Jeff out of the house for some fun, including some great meals, a trip out to Lake Travis, and a visit with the Martini Family!

Holly & Jeff enjoying the sunshine at Lake Travis. Ethan Martini having dinner during our visit!

Thanks for making the trip, Holly and Jeff! We love you both!!

Jer, Jenny, Holly & Jeff at Lake Travis

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