Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Tears

Reid’s first couple days at Mother’s Day Out went really well.  He is going two mornings a week to give me a chance to run errands, go to doctor appointments without paying a babysitter, and come January, have some one-on-one time with newbaby

Then week two (last week) it didn’t go so well.  Tears from Reid….tears from Momma…we were questioning if having him there was the right thing to do. 

The challenge seemed to be that since he’s in a young class (12-18 month-olds), most of them haven’t been away from their parents before.  Add to that that there was a particularly unhappy and loud kiddo that cried the *entire* time she was there.  (Poor baby!)  Now add in seven more kids who are all in a new environment, and there will be a lot of crying.  I bet those teachers had a serious headache at the end of the morning. 

Today Reid had a much better day, and so did the entire class.  He played with new friends, ate his lunch, and was happily playing when I arrived.  He waved goodbye to his teachers and signed “thank you!”Reid on his way home from school wearing his "cool guys" (sunglasses). He was really talkative on the way home (shocking, I know. ;)  He told me that Miss Teresa (which sounds like "Me Dur-ne-ta") plays basket ball with him and that Miss Mo ("Me Mo") said "no tears."  Apparently, today was a great day because he followed her advice for "no tears" and didn't cry after the initial “bye bye” to Momma.  All the way home he kept happily chanting "Me Mo say no tears" and "I you, Me Mo” and “I you, Momma."  I think we’ll have to use the “no tears” mantra from now on!

It feels so much better to know that he’s getting comfortable and having fun there.  They've found a way to connect with him and he is responding to their reasoning, which is nice because we talk things through at home, too.

He’s napping now, and I should get a few more things done while the house is quiet…

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Anonymous said...

So happy he's happy. And also glad you're having some much needed "me" time (I'm sure it's filled with and endless list of things to do, none of which includes sleep!) ;P I you Jennyjane!