Friday, January 28, 2011

Tate's First Few Days

Thank you all for your well wishes for our new little Tate, for me, and for our growing family!
We had a (thankfully!) short stay in the hospital and have been home for a week now getting to know our little guy...and trying to figure out who this crazy toddler is. (He looks a lot like Reid, but he's a complete WILD CHILD!)

While we were in the hospital, our very good friends Beverly, David and Baby Miles came to visit us and Beverly snapped a few photos of our tiny little bundle:

For those of you who are connected to us on FaceBook, you may have heard that Reid came down with pneumonia soon after we were released from the hospital. He was really sick and we felt so bad for the little guy. It was a big challenge to keep Tate (and Momma) quarantined for several days. Thankfully, Jer's parents have been here helping us. They have kept us fed, and helped us juggle between the two boys. It wasn't exactly the homecoming we imagined, but it was short-lived. (Now we just need the Cedar Fever to give Jer a break!)

I'll try to post more soon, and more pictures, of course. Again, thank you all for your love & prayers.


MELANIE said...

He is so cute! Congratulations!

Davison said...

Hi Jer, Jen, Reid, Tate:
Sorry that we are so late in congratulating little Tate to the universe. We knew that Papa & Ammy were in your neighborhood and heard about little Reid getting pneumonia. We are getting a little old and it is hard for us to keep up with you young people. Anyway, we know that you are wonderful parents and wish you all the very best.
In Phoenix, AZ now and so lucky to be related to you, Love, Aunt Eileen & Uncle Dave. Telephone: 602 942-7677, E-mail: