Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Dare You…

I dare you – no!  I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to look at this photo and resist smiling.

Baby Tate's BIG smile at one month old

Can you do it?!?  Me neither.

We are lucky.  Baby Tate seems to be a happy little dude.  Smile


Bev said...

oh my goodness look at that sweet little man! Jenny Jane, Tate is precious!

Juan and Kim said...

seriously?! How is he so stinkin cute?!!

Anonymous said...

I don't recall seeing such a smiley newborn! He smiles with his whole mouth and looks adoringly into his Momma's eyes. So precious. We are so blessed to have little Tate.


(How can I leave these precious boys to return to OH?)