Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reading with Reid

Reid squeaks all the time.  He is especially squeaky when we are reading to him!  He must have a guess about how the stories will end.  :) 

I just came across this picture from when he was seven weeks old.  So serious!  (And so little!!)Reid & Momma reading a book, 5-16-09And here he is this week (at four months) grabbing for the book as we read, Snuggle PuppyReid & Momma reading, 7-31-09IMG_7169Another one of his favorite books is a photo book that Ammy & Papa made for him with pictures of our family in Cleveland.  We’ll see them in one month!  Yay!Reid is chewing on his Ammy & Papa book! 7-31-09


Anonymous said...

Smart Baby Boy! Ammy loves to read to baby boys. The ones in OH are so big now that they read to themselves. It will be fun to read to Reid when he comes in Sept.!
Love you Remington's.

Holly Remington Kubaney said...

Now I feel all caught up, too! Your blog is AWESOME! I think Reid gets cuter with every picture-We just hope he can keep up the chub and baldness until you get here in Sept (must be hard to pull off!) I get very tearful when I look at his pictures and realize I haven't met him yet (must be the hormones, because I am not usually this mushy!) Hopefully he'll have another little cousin by the time you get here, but you know how tardy these little Kubaney baby boys are... (Sept IS a really nice birthstone... :-)