Monday, August 17, 2009

Ahh…That’s More Like It!

Nearly three weeks ago Reid started waking between four and six times a night, and he was MAD each time. 

Since then we’ve been trying to help him learn to roll himself from his tummy to his back, which is his primary frustration in the night.  (Sidenote:  it is not easy to teach someone to roll over.  Or, at least, not our someone.  He’s been working on it since early July!)  We’ve also started a bedtime routine that includes a bath, massage, PJs and then we read a few books and put him in his crib before he is asleep.  And just last week, we introduced rice cereal in the evenings.  (There are future posts and LOTS of pictures coming of Reid enjoying a meal!)Here's Reid after his bath ready for his massage and PJs. 8-10-09Last night our sweet little one finally slept through the night again.  Nine hours!  Pinch me!! And even better than the long night’s sleep, he woke up happy!  He had scooted himself down to his mobile and kicked the button to turn it on and was laughing at it.  Jer and I woke up to the pleasant sound of a happy, cooing baby.

And now, as I write this blog post, he is snoozing away during his mid-morning nap.Reid's mid-morning nap, 8-17-09

We hope this is the start of something good…

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