Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He’s Close!

Reid has rolled from his tummy to his back once.   He hasn’t shown interest in doing it again.  Until today…well, kinda…

He was on his back…and then would kick his feet up and roll to the side…    Action shot!! Then he’d stop to suck his thumb...  Then he’d pull on his sock… Then he was on his back again and would smile! Sadie was NOT impressed.  (She’s been rolling over for years!)photo(13)He played like this for almost an hour!  He hasn’t rolled yet, but he’s close!


stephanie said...

Tell Sadie Belle to get down there and show him how it is done.
I love him!!!

Juan and Kim said...

So close! He'll get there - maybe he just needs some encouragement from the television ;)

Anonymous said...

What a doll! You go Reid!
I love you!