Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Four Months Old!

Happy 4-month Birthday, Reid!Our sweet little Reid is four months old today!El Senior Albondiga, 7-28-09He’s grown a lot since his last appointment two months ago.  Here are his stats:

  • Weight:  16lbs 10 oz (83 percentile)
  • Height: 26 3/4  in  (95 percentile)
  • Latest milestones:  rolling over (finally! :), giggling, lots of babbling and making raspberries with his lips, exploring his Exersaucer (or as we call it, “filing TPS reports in his ‘cube’”), kicking in the bathub, “standing” (locking his legs) with support.

At the dr for Reid's 4-month appt, 7-28-09He rolled over TWICE the day before his 4-month b-day!Serious guy in his bumbo chair, 7-26-09Action shot in his "cube" Bathtime! 7-27-09Tummy time after bath, 7-27-09


stephanie said...

I love him so much! He gets cuter every day!!! Can't wait to see him again and he can meet his new cousin :)

Amanda said...

It seems like time flies faster when you're watching a little one grow! I agree with Stephanie-cuter every day! I love watching him grow and smile through your blog! I admit I check constantly for updates. Thanks for providing us further away an opportunity to see baby Reid develop. Love to you all!

Bev said...

I finally got caught up reading all of your posts. I love all the smiley pics :) He really does look like the happiest baby on the planet - especially with such loving fun parents!

Happy four months little Reid! We love you!

Sushi Sunday at the Remingtons maybe? (Wait, did I just invite ourselves over?)