Sunday, July 12, 2009

Play-date in the Afternoon, Pub-date in the Evening

It has been so nice to have friends that are going through this new stage of life at the same time we are.

On Wednesday we had a full day and had lots of fun!  First Reid and I went to baby yoga, then we went over to Little Raquel’s house for a play date.  Amie, Raquel, Reid & Jenny, 7-8-09Raquel chilling out in her bouncy seat, 7-8-09  Ava and her Momma were there, too!Ava & Susan, 7-8-09 Little Ava, 7-8-09

The babies have grown so much in the past four weeks!  Ava and Reid are about the same age, Raquel is a month younger.  Reid got upset when we laid them down for a photo, but for the rest of the visit, he was so happy.  Maybe he doesn’t like the “mr. meatball” jokes!IMG_6943Later that evening we met up again with more friends at one of our favorite local pubs for dinner.  Gretel, Miguel & Cabo joined us, along with Susan’s hubby Chris and Amie’s hubby Scott. We were quite a scene with eight adults and four baby carriers crammed into a corner booth! 

Gretel & Reid, 7-10-09Bottle time!  Jenny & Reid, Gretel & Cabo, 7-10-09 The boys!  Cabo & Miguel, Jer & Reid, 7-10-09 The girls!  Susan & Ava, Raquel, 7-10-09 Raquel, Scott & Amie, 7-10-09 Daddies & Babies!  Miguel & Cabo, Jer & Reid, Chris & Ava, 7-10-09Good times!

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing all of these babies and watching them grow! They are all adorable! What fun for all of you! Enjoy 'cause they grow up quickly. It is so wonderful you have so many friends for Reid. I love this blog!!!