Monday, December 21, 2009

Before & After

Who doesn’t like a good make-over story?  We recently “refreshed” our kitchen and living room.  (By refresh, we mean that we didn’t replace everything…just the stuff we couldn’t stand any more!)

If we rewind five years ago, this is what the kitchen looked like when Jer bought the house:Kitchen - pre-sale, Oct. 2004Kitchen - pre-sale, Oct. 2004In December of 2005, we finally got around to painting over the wallpaper and making the home feel a little more like “us.”Jer LOVES to paint...can't you tell?This fall, we decided to finally pull the trigger and make the changes to the kitchen that we’d been planning for years.  Here’s the BEFORE:  Kitchen before - Sept 2009  And here’s the kitchen AFTER:Kitchen after - Dec 2009 The project was:  new granite countertops…new backsplash…extended the island by adding a bookshelf on one end and an overhang to eat at…new under-counter lighting…new refrigerator & oven…new sink…crown molding & new paint.
Kitchen after - Dec 2009Kitchen after - Dec 2009And of course, one project leads into another…

One big problem we’ve always had with our living room is the weird shape and that there is no good place for the TV and having the room feel open to the kitchen.  This became a bigger problem when Reid came into the picture!  Living room view from the kitchen before - Sept 2009So…in classic “while-we’re-at-it” fashion, we asked our contractor to give us a bid and his ideas for mounting the television over the fireplace and removing the Greek-style mantle.  (And also wiring for surround sound…while we’re at it…I mean, why not?!) 

Living room BEFORE:Fireplace and living room before - Sept 2009IMG_7832Living room AFTER:Living room after & SB - Dec 2009The project was:  update existing fireplace and mount TV over new hearth…build in speakers to fireplace and also in ceiling for surround sound and crown molding to hide the speaker wires.Living room after & SB - Dec 2009Looking from the living room into the kitchen.  Look! There's SB!Looking into the living room from the kitchen. Now its nice and open!We still need to hang things in the living room, get a few more barstools, get blinds for the kitchen, and (I hope) replace the light fixture over the table.  But for now, we are LOVING having a nice open space between the two rooms we use most often.


Anonymous said...

Saw it in person and it is beautiful! What a difference.

Anonymous said...

The place looks beautiful! I know how much you like to create in that kitchen too... now you have the perfect artist's palette. I can't wait to see it in person someday soon!

Baby Grayson Allen New said...

WOW!!!! You shaved years off your home and made it chic and modern. Great job!!!!