Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank You Ammy & Papa!

While his parents were vacationing in Guatemala, Reid was lucky enough to have his Ammy & Papa (Jer’s parents) here to take care of him.  Reid & his cube moved out to the patio to enjoy the beautiful weather! 11-11-09In her own words, and with their photos, here’s what Ammy had to say about their visit with Reid:

Ammy & Papa were blessed to spend this past month with Baby Reid and see him accomplish all of the things Jenny posted. He was an angel when we watched him for 8 days while Jenny & Jer were in Guatemala at G & Mariana's wedding. Bobbie & Michael even came to visit for 2 days and enjoyed "watching Reid" with us. Reid sure does bring smiles, laughter and joy to everyone around him.

We were glad we were here to help out when Jenny & Reid came down with the swine flu also. We are thankful they are better now and Bob, Jer & I escaped getting it (we took Tamiflu also).

We are sad to be leaving, but are thankful for the time we have had this November in Texas. We appreciate every minute we have with our Texas family. Thank you Jenny & Jer for everything and for giving us this extra special time with you and Baby Reid. And THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL WEB SITE!!!! It keeps us going in between our visits.

We love you sooooooo much!
Ammy & Papa (Dana & Bob)

Now THIS is a relaxed baby!  He loves walks! 11-10-09  Ammy feeding Reid his bottle, 11-7-09Reid, Bobbie, Michael & Papa at the local elementary school's "Fall Festival" 11-14-09 Reid at the park with Ammy & Papa, 11-12-09Pulling up like a champ! 11-15-09Papa & Reid "talking" on the phone with us while we were gone, 11-15-09Happy homecoming! 11-15-09Momma, Daddy & Reid at the airport, 11-15-09

They brought Reid to the airport in his PJs to greet us and welcome us home!   We were SO HAPPY to see our sweet little guy!!

Thanks so very much, Dana & Bob/Mom & Dad!  We appreciate you for taking such great care of Reid while we were gone!

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