Monday, April 12, 2010

12 Month Stats

After his first birthday, we had our big 12-month appointment with the pediatrician.  Believe it our not, our little “meatball” isn’t quite so “meaty” any more!!  Don’t believe me?  Read ‘em and weep…I did…

  • Weight:  22 lbs 11 oz (48 percentile)
  • Height:  31 1/4 inches (89 percentile)
  • Latest milestones:  Walking, followed closely by RUNNING!! (post & video coming soon), signing 15+ different words (post on that to come soon, too), saying “Momma,” “Dada,”  “Zee-zee” (Sadie), “Baba” (Papa) and “ball,”  to name a few.  Basically, he’s jabbering ALL THE TIME.  He likes to point, give high fives, play peek-a-boo, put toys into a container, then dump it out and do it again.  He loves to swing, ride in his stroller and chase after Sadie.  His carseat now faces forward and he loves his new view.  Wind chimes, dogs and balls make him squeal with joy.

Check out and compare his activities from 10 months or 8 months or his stats from 6 months.Reid loves blueberry bagel slices from Panera Bread.  Yum.Food:  The baby that once couldn’t get enough, is now… a picky eater.  To be more specific, he might not be picky, he might just be telling us he’s a vegetarian.  (Wait, what’s the word for only eating cheese, fruit and bread…but NO veggies and definitely not meat?)  His favorite foods are blueberries, cheese, yogurt, kiwi, mango and bananas.  Reid and his cousin Alex napping in the car.  Good babies!Sleep:  Dare I say it?  Sleep is going much better (and more consistent) these days.  He’s transitioning to one afternoon nap and (almost always) sleeping 10+ hour at night.  Hallelujah!  Now let’s just hope I didn’t jinx it!!  Reid LOVES dogs, and little Kona loves him! Personality:  He’s still an outgoing, happy, observant and loving little guy.  He is friendly with everyone he meets and assumes that they want to play ball, or laugh with him.Reid & Sadie getting some work done in the yard.On the go:  Reid is constantly moving.  It isn’t very often that he’ll sit down for five or six books anymore!  He’s walking, running, riding, pushing something, throwing a ball, swinging…He’s basically a whirlwind!  Well, a whirlwind that stops every now and then to give a hug. 

Speaking of “on the go,” that’s the reason there are fewer and fewer blog posts these days!  He’s constantly moving and Momma doesn’t get time at the computer during the day anymore.  Ta ta for now!Family photo, 3-14-10

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