Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of “School”

Our little guy had his first day at Mother’s Day Out today!  Reid was really pleased with his big boy backpack and his new shoes!Reid got his first backpack & lunchbox for the school year.  Argh!  Reid's big boy pirate backpack is stinkin' cute, don't you think?!(His backpack looks a little heavy.  Maybe Momma filled it with too many snacks, extra diapers, and sippy cups.  Maybe.  Ya know, just in case…)

Once we got to school, he was thrilled to see all the “big boys” walking around.Reid waved & smiled to the big boys walking around the school.He walked right in and started playing. While some other kids cried for their Mommas & Daddies, Reid found just what he need in this unfamiliar place. "Da ba-ket ball!"When we left, he happily waved goodbye to the head teacher and said, “Bye-bye Me Mo!”  (Bye-bye Miss Mo!)

He was sacked out before we made it home!Sleepy Reid after his first day at school.Today was hard for one of us.  One of us cried twice before 8 a.m., once on the drive, and another time in the parking lot.  Can you guess who?  Those tears have dried up and were replaced by a big huggle for Momma and a few kisses, too. Reid, 17 months, Sept 2010 I you, Baby Reid.  You are my big boy.

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Vicky said...

AWEEEE.....they are getting big so fast, aren't they? He's so handsome, glad his first day went well. :-) We Reid, too!!