Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Potty Talk

Note:  this blog post was written with a few people in mind, other than Jeremy and me.  You are welcome, Uncle Dan, Uncle G, Uncle Pat and Auntie Erin.  Enjoy.

Reid has added a few more favorite words and phrases to his ever-expanding vocabulary.  He loves to say “Okay!”  As in, “Okay! Go Momma car. Okay? Okay. Okay!”  He also talks about airplanes just about any time he is outside.  “Airplane up in da sky!”That is Reid's sign for "airplane." I guarentee he was yelling, "Airplane up in da sky!" as I took this picture.And of course, we talk about the potty a lot in our house.  (I’d like to tell you that it’s because of the toddler, but most of you know my Jeremy…)  Reid is very interested in the potty, so don’t be surprised if when he sees you going into the bathroom he says, “Go poop in da potty on da big boy potty chair.”  He’s making a helpful suggestion.  It really is a nice chair.

He’s seen a DVD once (once!) about Elmo going potty, and now whenever he sees his Sesame Street books he yells, “Elmo go poop on da potty!” 

This all started about a month ago when Reid started announcing he was, “all done pooping!” And he was.  Since then we’ve been giving him the chance to do his business on the big boy potty chair.  No action.  No success.  Yet.  (And yes, I know he’s really young to be starting potty training. We aren’t pushing it and he is showing many signs that he’s getting ready.)

In the short time Reid has become obsessed with the potty, we’ve been read some really great books that you might want add to your own bathroom collection: My Big Boy Potty, Pirate Potty (my favorite), Where’s the Poop? (Jer’s favorite), and Reid’s favorite, Have You Seen My Potty?

I think the most disturbing new word Reid has right now is his word for dinosaur.  “Dinorrhea.”  The first time he said it, I froze and thought to myself, “How the hell did he learn that word?  And why is he saying it?!  Oh no!!”  Once I realized what he was trying to say, I cracked up.  He loves his dinorrhea books.  His favorite bib is the one with dinorrheas on it.  Want to play with the dinorrhea puzzle?  FUN!  Dinosaur costumes seem to be really popular this Halloween. But I think I’m going to avoid having a walking, talking dinorrhea at our house.

Reid - 17 months

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Unknown said...

This is the most excellent post in the history of blog posts. Reid has proven at a truly astounding age that he's bound to become a key contributor to our future "Poop Stories" collaboration. Yay, Reid! Get that potty!!
Auntie Erin