Friday, April 8, 2011

Reid at Two Years

Reid is growing and changing right before our eyes.  He learns new words, new concepts and new “tricks” every day.


At his last well-check he measured 3 feet tall (88 percentile) and 30 lbs (69 percentile).  He is right on-track from his 18-month appointment.


He has an amazing memory – something that has us intrigued, and worried!!  Winking smile When he meets a new person, he learns their name and doesn’t forget it – a trait Jer and I are quite envious of! At the playground, he’ll walk up to other kids and in a quiet voice say, “Hi.  I’m Reid.”  It’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.


He is energetic and has a playful imagination.  He often will play with his animals or toys and will have conversations with them.  He will even put them in “time out” when they are bad!


We still read a lot.  His favorites change every day.  He has some of his books memorized, and knows the name of every book by looking at the cover.  He requests a different set of books every night before bedtime.  I hope this love of reading continues!


We also still do a lot of sign language, too.  He loves the sign language videos, and learning new words.  Signing never slowed down his talking, in fact, he loves to show off his signs when he learns new big words or phrases.  His two favorite new signs are “School” and “pay attention.”  Smile 


He loves everything with wheels or an engine.  His favorites are school buses, garbage trucks and motorcycles.  When our garbage is picked up on Saturday mornings, Reid likes to go out and wave to the workers.  And when the school bus drops off the big kids in the afternoons, he squeels with happiness.  “Look, Momma!  A SCHOOL BUS!!!”


He often has a skinned knee, or hand, because he falls down with his hands full.  Here he is a a “dance party,” with his arms full of trains.  Of course.


He is still *mostly* a vegetarian. His  favorite foods are grapes, cottage cheese, PB&J sandwiches, peas and cookies.  He has started eating chicken and turkey sausage…as long as it is smothered in “dip” (ranch dressing or ketchup).


He loves to color with chalk in the front driveway…



…to ride with Dada…



…to play with friends…



…to do puzzles…


…to help Dada around the house…


…to hold his baby brother…



…and to play ball.  He  is a lefty so look out!  (Seriously, Uncle Jeff, you won’t believe this kid’s arm and coordination!!) 

Reid is a loving, talkative, happy and wild little dude.  We are so happy to see the amazing little guy he is turning into.


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Vicky said...

Awesome update! We love our Reid!!