Monday, April 11, 2011

“Thank You” Isn’t Enough

How do you thank someone for doing things – countless little and big things – that they gladly do because they love you?  How do you thank someone for making a hard time easier and a happy time happier?

Jer’s parents came to help us as our family welcomed little Tate and to help our little family transition from one kiddo to two. We promised them great weather and grandsons.  We only delivered on one of those!   Except for a few days, the weather was pretty crummy their entire visit (January-February)!

Words can’t express how much we appreciate their love and support.  Every day we saw how much they enjoyed spending time with Reid, helping us with anything and everything, and how much they loved getting to know their newest grandson.






Now that they are back in Ohio, to make the miles seem not-so-far, we’ve been using Skype as often as possible.  It’s fun for Reid to see Ammy & Papa regularly (and show off how big his belly is getting).  He basically drags all his toys in front of the computer camera and yells, “Look, Ammy & Papa!”  and “Wanna watch me play basket ball?” and “Can you see me?  Can you see my booty?”


So how do we thank them? I really don’t know. We’ll start with “Thank you!  We love you!” and end with “Hurry back soon!”  Oh, and there is a little something in the mail, too.  Smile


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Anonymous said...

Papa and Ammy are the blessed be able to go to TX and spend time with all of you is a real gift. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a special time. We were very happy to be there and help you. Hugs and kisses from those baby boys were the best "thank you" there ever could be. We love all of you and treasure any time that we are able to be with you.
Ammy and Papa