Friday, June 3, 2011

School’s Out!

Reid’s first year in Mother’s Day Out went really, really well.  He made some great friends, loved his teachers and had fun every day. Most days he’d pass out from playing so hard and take a good, long nap.  Smile

Here’s our little guy back in September on his first day of school:


And here’s our big boy on his last day of school:


Every day, the first activity is to pick a chair in the circle and have a morning snack.  From this spot Reid would usually yell, “bye, bye, Momma!”  Oh, okay.  I guess I can go now.


His teachers, Ms. Moe and Ms. Theresa were so great and so sweet. Reid LOVES them. LOVES. THEM. They have been teaching together in this room for ten and seven years.  They clearly love what they do:  it shows every day.


Yes, I was “that mom.”  Taking photos of my toddler at preschool, and wiping away the tears.  My tears.  Some moms giggled at me, but most gave me knowing, kind smiles.  This is all going by so fast… IMG_3924

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Jenny, Reid looks so much older than when he started school in September. You are right, it is flying by too fast. Enjoy every day! Ammy