Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet a New Member of the Family: Big D

Ya know when a kid says something crazy, and you just can’t believe it’s true? Nonsense like, “there’s a dinosaur under my bed.” Or “I don’t need to go potty.” Or “My uncle has a fire truck!”

Well, Reid told his teachers that his uncle HAS a fire truck. He was adamant about it. He kept talking about it all day. (Shocking, I know.) “That’s nice, Reid,” they said, and let me know about his big imagination when I picked him up that day.

It’s true. Reid’s Uncle James has this fire truck:


James and Stephanie had a good idea, lots of experience being around kids, some guts, and made something cool:  Big D Engine Company.  They do birthday parties, special events, store openings, and most recently booked their first wedding!


This is no ordinary engine. This beauty is a 1977 Pirsch, (I had to look it up!) and is in damn fine shape for a thirty-something.




It also has magic powers. Don’t believe me? Tell a toddler that he can ride inside the engine, if he is good. See what happens.


Tell a kid she can honk the horn if she eats all her veggies. (Are they gone yet?)


Tell a grown man he can hold the hose…if he thinks he can handle it.IMG_3866

Or better yet, hire this engine to come to your kid’s birthday party and BAM!  Super mom!!


At the three parties we’ve been at so far, Reid has been out-of-his-mind excited to see Uncle James’ fire truck.  It is so much fun for him, and for us.


We are really proud of James and Stephanie and love to see them having so much fun!! IMG_3835IMG_3851

Congrats on your first summer with Big D!


Bev said...

The one of Reid waving out the window is too cute!

stephanie said...

Reid is such a cutie! Thanks for the kind words. It is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

That is just too cool. I have always wanted to buy a fire engine (what with being a smoke eater's daughter), but I've never known anyone who actually DID. What a great idea too! Awesome!