Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to (Pre)School


Our big boy started his second year of Mother’s Day Out last week.


He is already loving school.  He goes three mornings a week so Tate and I can have some nice one-on-one time, and so maybe I can get a few things done. 


On the way to school he loves to spot all the school buses, garbage trucks and motorcycles.  (He also notices when the riders aren’t wearing helmets and says some version of this:  “his mommy wants him to wear a helmet so he can be safe.”)


Tater loves to watch big brother.


The night before the first day of school, I showed Reid pictures of him on his first day last year.  He noticed that he was signing “R” in the photos.  So of course, he had to sign “R” for his pics on the first day of school.  IMG_5248

His new teacher is so sweet.  He talks about her and his new friends a lot.  The first day he ran in and sat down without even giving me a kiss goodbye.  “Uh, okay.  Bye Reid!”


Here’s to another great school year! 



Bev said...

Sweet sweet boys! I love his backpack. I wanted to get one for Miles, but I can't decide between the doggy or the penguin :) Happy MDO to you and Reid!

Anonymous said...

Such a big boy going off to his 2nd year in PreSchool! Looks like Reid is ready to have a great year at school. Lucky teacher and kids to have Reid in their class.